Many people with an Office or desk job notice some change in their weight over the course of time. Physical jobs demand more of your energy and therefore it is possible to lose some weight or keep it as it is. However, sitting at a desk all day long can have negative physiological effects on your body. Here are some reasons why you’re Gaining Weight at work and how to stop it.

You don’t stick to your plan

Maybe you start your morning at home eating a healthy breakfast and then you plan to have an equally healthy lunch at the office. However, the day has been long and hard, you feel you’re starving and you think you deserve a treat so you order a pizza.

You promise yourself you’ll do different tomorrow and stick to the healthy eating routine. A possible solution for this would be to make a list of meals you’ll have for one week. This way you can keep track of the time you interrupted your routine and try to be more strategic about it. Try bringing healthy snacks like almonds to work so you’ll avoid overeating.

You want to keep other people company

You don’t really feel hungry and already had your meal but, oh my, it’s your co-worker’s birthday, someone’s mom or wife sent homemade cookies or your colleague brought some really good pastry from that new bakery. Try politely saying no or taking just the smallest piece possible out of courtesy. Or, save it to take it home to share with your family and, by then, you will probably give it to them and not eat it at all.

Room temperature and lighting affect your appetite

Researchers came to the conclusion that we are more likely to eat in a darker room while we eat less when the light is bright. Same applies to the temperature, we’re more likely to eat when we feel cold. If your office is a bit dark, try going out for some time to get some fresh air and to enjoy a brighter environment.

If you feel cold in your office, try bringing a sweater.

Deadlines and stress

Constant stress can be one of the triggers for weight gain. You can experience fat and sugar cravings because of the high level of the hormone cortisol in your blood. Just remember food won’t help you solve anything. If you really have to eat something, opt for healthy snacks, always carry a bag of those with you.

Also, try breathing and a few meditation exercises to help you forget about food and lower your stress level.

Longer working hours

The fact that you have less free time means you will probably skip your daily exercise. Rather, you will choose to eat more in order to stay focused and fresh. Not getting enough sleep will cause hormonal imbalance. When you need to work longer than usual, take every chance to have at least some physical activity. Use the stairs, take long walks and, of course, remember to sleep well.

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