Most people are obsessed with pubic hair removal whether through shaving, waxing, laser zapping, or trimming. However, a recent study suggests that this type of grooming practice poses more health dangers. Published in the JAMA Dermatology journal, about 76 percent of Americans are found to groom their pubic hair, but a quarter of this population sustains injuries in their Private Parts.

Excessive hair removal may cause medical problems

Among the horrors that can result from getting rid of hair in the private parts include rashes, burns, and cuts.

However, severe cases may also involve serious medical complications. According to Dr. Benjamin Breyer of the University of California San Francisco, 3 percent of the patients in the emergency department suffers from cases of hair removal practices that have gone wrong.

The new research suggests that those who often remove hair in their pubes and completely bare their private parts have higher chances of getting sores, with 60 percent of the injuries involving major cuts. Severe medical issues, without a doubt, emphasize the dangers of shaving just to keep their pubic hair trimmed.

While most people believe that primping the private part area is harmless, it may result in a number of infections like cellulitis and may even increase the chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, The Guardian reported.

Coming up with better pubic hair grooming practices is important

More than a quarter of Americans who remove hair in their pubes get injuries during the process. In fact, 2.5 percent of the reported injuries require surgical intervention like abscess drainage or stitches.

A survey data, meantime, revealed that more than two-thirds of the injuries happen around the scrotum area due to creams and razors. This particular user experience should be crossed out, considering that most Americans rely on this type of removal, a report by Teen Vogue stated.

Innovation needed

Considering the 3 percent of genitourinary injuries in emergency cases that are linked to the care practices in the pubic area, many believe that there should be a better option.

Innovators are now urged to come up with either a safer device or better practices that will help eliminate the dangers of hair removal. Hygiene in private parts has always been a big part of self-care, and it is only necessary to find a safer option to execute it.

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