Most of America saw "4 20" or some variation of it posted online, perhaps on a Twitter or Facebook posting. The question may be, why are all things pot-related about this particular number. Some neo-Nazi youth like to claim that it is about Hitler, since the madman was born on April 20th, but that is as far from the truth as pot is to tobacco. The fact is, most people tend to agree that Route 420 was a popular route for pot to be transported from other regions and therefore, that is the reason for the popularity of the number. Regardless, the "secret code" is not secret any longer, that is for sure.

The bigger question may be, "why does post matter to the non-participant." After all, in 2017, weed is as common as Gay Sex in movies, like it or not. More people have tried pot in their life than bi or gay sex, truth be told, and yet the federal government treats those who imbibe as if these were horrible criminals bent of ruining society. It there any reason that those who like weed should be treated unfairly?

What does the Constitution say?

Well, if a pothead ruins someone's property or breaks a law, then according to the Constitution, that man or woman is guilty no matter of if weed was a factor or not. In America, we tend to lose sight of these facts, that motive does not matter. Rather, if someone steal's to get money for pot or if for other reasons, we have laws against stealing, so this argument does not hold up on a Constitutional basis.

Stealing is just illegal, pot or not.

As for legal by popular degree, well then the Law of the Land has a bit more to say. That which is not outlined in the Constitution, be it abortion or weed, is a states rights issue. That clearly means that weed is a matter to be decided by the states. Some would argue that it could be county's, depending on how the Founders meant certain aspects of the document.

At no point nor in any place is it implied that the strong arm of Uncle Sam has the right to jail someone for enjoying a joint behind the garage while sipping a beer.

Why do weed laws matter to non-users?

Weed laws matter to everyone because we have "God-given rights." That means free will and it means that, unless someone else is harmed, weed is like gay is up to God, man, and those whom he or she is with.

It is not a matter that the federal government is allowed to have any say over one way or the other. The problem with legalized gay marriage is that Big Brother has should not even be in the business of marriage at all. That is up to religions to decide and the government, we are told, is not allowed to have a say in that. That is an endorsement.

In that regard, then, we have the 4th Amendment. The government is not allowed to even ask, to be honest, about weed. If not one is harmed then there is no need for government to have a say one say or the other. Those are the blunt facts.