“Splashlings” are a colorful line of mermaid and ocean-themed toys that were created by Mike Bowling, the inventor of the hit brand, Pound Puppies, that became staples of pop-culture and play in the 1980s and 1990s. Mike has been hard at work on the “Splashlings” series over the past few years, having been inspired by start it after walking on the beach with his granddaughter and telling her stories about tiny mermaids who live inside seashells. This new line features small figurines and play sets that are highly collectible, easy to trade, and also the perfect size to fit into an Easter basket.

Now, in honor of Easter Sunday, the company just announced an Instagram contest where they will be giving away 5,000 "blind bags" of figurines courtesy of TPF Toys. In short, ten lucky winners will each receive 500 bags of tiny toys.


This contest is the grandest in Splashling history. The line features hundreds of figurines rendered in images of mermaids, fish, whales, dolphins, crabs, shells, gems, and other collectibles. Since the figurines come in blind bags, many children will receive duplicates and they are encouraged to trade with other collectors.

Hence, this brand offers an opportunity for children to socialize with others and even learn some basic bargaining and bartering skills. The contest was formed partly as a means of raising awareness of the toys as fans await the impending play sets which are due to be released in the Fall of 2017 after the two initial play sets -- a "Coral Playground" and "Medical Center" were great successes during the 2016 holiday season.

Moreover, the series is being turned into an animated television show and its growing popularity has made it ideal for the global marketplace. Although primarily created as a means of entertainment, Mike is also hopeful that his brand will help children learn some basic facts about the ocean and model good behaviors for its young fans such as how to make friends, be nice, and mind your manners.


To enter the Easter Instagram contest, fans of the Splashlings series are being asked to upload a photo or video containing an Easter theme to the official Splashlings Instagram along with the hashtag #Splashlings and tag @amazon. Along with the imagery, fans should also explain why they love Splashlings. On Easter Sunday (April 16) TPF Toys will officially announce the names of the ten prize winners and send 500 blind bags filled with Splashlings toys to their homes. For more information, visit the Splashlings Instagram and website.

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