As of last week, starbucks created a limited time drink called the Unicorn Frappucino, which has caused Starbucks fans to go insane over its colorful and flavorful vibe. It drew attention based on is sugary content which consists of a creme-based frappucino with a sour, blue swirl of mango syrup. Despite the craze of the concoction, a new drink it trying to make its encounter onto the Starbucks menu: the Dragon Frappuccino.

What is the Dragon Frappucino?

The Dragon Frappucino was actually accidentally created when several Starbucks locations ran out of the ingredients that were required to make the Unicorn Frappucino.

As an alternative to satisfy their customers, baristas created an unofficial concoction which was said to be better than the popular drink everyone was looking forward to.

The drink has been created with different combinations depending on the Starbucks locations that are willing to recreate it. The common concoction is said to be a green tea frappucino base with a dash of vanilla powder and a swirl of blended berries. Others claim it contains the same green tea based but with bits of dried blueberries and raspberries. In other words, its colors should resemble the imaginative colors we would use to represent the mythical creature.

So when will the drink be officially out?

Although the drink is not an official part of the menu at the moment, one can always ask their local barista to customize their green tea frappucino and recreate the Dragon Frappucino.

Fans claim it is currently a part of the 'secret menu'. They will most likely add their own twist to the drink, but that's the point of the new trend; creativity brings in new possibilities. Many Starbucks locations are attempting to bring the drink into their menu by spreading the popularity onto social media hoping that the Starbucks Coffee Company will get their approval to officially start putting the drink in the hands of their fans.

As for now, we can simply enjoy our favorite drinks or ask our baristas if they are willing to recreate the drink for us.

We can probably expect to see other mythical creatures make their way into various Starbucks drinks in the future depending on how successful the Unicorn Frappucino is. I wouldn't be shocked if we begin to see Pokemon drinks make their way into the menu this summer. It's all thanks to the baristas making the most out of what they have to create concoctions for their fans to enjoy.