Juicero is a startup juicing company that recently announced their collaboration with Whole Foods, a popular supermarket chain, which will bring self-serving juice bars to eleven stores in Southern California starting on March 8, 2017. Juicero is a company that creates a cold-press juicing system of the same name which have proved to be very popular. Entirely organic, the juice bars will suit the needs of Whole Foods customers who tend to be very health-conscious. Each glass will cost $5 and four to seven tasty blends will be available in flavors including Spicy Greens, Sweet Greens, Root Renewal+, Sweet Roots, Beta Glow, and more.


Launched in April of 2016, Juicero’s primary mission is to provide people with access to more fresh vegetables and fruits. In February of 2017, the brand released a new green juice called “Glojito” which is a blend of kale, spinach, fennel, pear, and mint. Moreover, it contains only six grams of natural sugar and 110% of the recommended daily dose of a nutrient called thiamin that aids the regulation of metabolism. “Given the particularly strong demand for fresh cold-pressed juice in Southern California, this is our dream region in which to start,” said Juicero CEO Jeff Dunn. “We will learn a lot about consumer behavior and flavor preferences that we can hopefully apply to potential future locations.

Our company is also working on expansion plans to more grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, offices and more, as we grow to fulfill our mission to help people consume more fruits and vegetables each and every day.”


The opportunity to partner with Whole Foods was very appealing to Jeff since the two brands share many core values.

That said, the process of setting up the juice bars within the stores took careful time and consideration. “We wanted to create a modern, interactive, self-serve Juice Bar experience that made fresh, nutritious, cold-pressed juice available to people on the go, at the push of a button,” Jeff explained and noted that Juicero and Whole Foods had to consider how many presses would be needed for each juice bar, examining delivery systems, and striving to make aesthetically pleasing and unique bars that would be inviting to consumers.

“There are so many rewarding parts that come with being a part of a thriving startup,” Jeff continued. “This year alone, we have a tremendous Los Angeles market roll-out plan that will provide consumers with many touch-points with the brand, and further expansion will come from there as well. Launching our collaboration with Whole Foods Market has been an exciting kickoff to bringing the Juicero experience to more people than ever before.”