Invasive species are no laughing matter in South Florida. Particularly, the Everglades are under attack from species that are not native to Florida which include Burmese Pythons and Boa Constrictors. Videos and photos of Alligators and Pythons attacking each other show that there is no stopping the widespread dumping of exotic animals as people cannot afford to take care of them properly.

Minimum pay

Since there have been increases in invasive species, the South Florida Water Management District Governing Board is offering to pa $8.10 an hour for eight hours a week to hunt and kill pythons in the Florida Everglades.

While the job is minimum wage, the state agency is offering 25 available spots in their office to be specialized python hunters. However, there are cash bonuses being offered to python hunters based on the bounty of their hunt.

The python hunting program will take place starting April 1. The agency started collecting job applications last Friday, March 10. There is still time if you want to earn some extra cash killing pythons for a living. So far, the python hunting program is an experiment to see if this can curb the problem of the increased numbers of invasive species.

Job catch

In addition to the $8.10 an hour offered by the state, python hunters who kill snakes measuring up to 4 feet in length will earn $50 and $25 every additional foot after that.

Hunters can earn up to $100 if they find a python guarding a nest of eggs and kill it on site.

The requirements are that you must be 18 years or older, have a smartphone that can use GPS, a valid Florida driver's license or obtain one within 60 days of hire and have no felonies on record or wildlife offenses in your criminal background history.

You have permission to use firearms, which include hunting rifles and regular guns, but state laws for use of firearms apply while hunting these invasive snakes. Previous experience is highly required when working in these dangerous situations, especially if you encounter an 8-foot python in the Everglades while on the job.