The Houthis are a Shia sect in Yemen. Iran supports them. The Houthis have overrun most of Yemen and are facing an attack led by Saudi Arabia. This is another example of Shia-Sunni conflict. The Houthis are different from the ISIS who treat their women as sex slaves. In contrast, many Houthi women replete with Burkha have been battling the coalition led by Saudi Arabia for the last 2 years.

Tens of women armed with rifles paraded in Sanaa, the capital a few days back; This was in support of their men. The Houthi Islamic women have turned out to be good fighters.

They were part of the defense force that faced the US navy seals in the recent raid.They were all killed but ensured the raid was not an unqualified success. 4 seals were injured/ killed, and one helicopter was damaged. Loss? 75 million dollars.

Houthi women

The Houthis treat their women better than the Sunni ISIS. Sunni fighters frequently lash their women with whips if they fail to dress as per the Sharia. They are treated as objects of sexual gratification. Many foreign girls from Europe who joined the ISIS were in for a rude shock when they realized that their only purpose was to satisfy ISIS fighters sexually.

Women fighters

The Houthis women are better off. Sex is a factor but punishments like lashing are not inflicted.

Houthis have been training their women to use rifles, machine guns, and grenades. Their motivation is high as they are prepared to die to fight. No wonder the Saudi coalition supported by the USA has not much to show after 2 years of fighting. The coalition against the Houthis is a Sunni coalition and the US because of its close relations with Saudi Arabia is battling the Houthis.

Battle in Yemen

Women of Yemen are Arabs, but unlike Saudi who debar their women even to drive a car, the Shia Houthis have no compunction in teaching their women to handle AK 47s. Iran is on the side of the Houthis, and the battle in Yemen is a classic Shia-Sunni conflict. Despite a US blockade, the Houthis are far from defeated. Houthis women are also taught military drills. There is, however, no compromise on wearing the Burkha and head cover. Firing guns, rocket launchers, machine guns? YES but no modern dress.