The Beer craft industry deepens and strengthens. Santa Rosa Junior College will be offering a Beer craft Career and Technical Educational (CTE) training certificate for workforce development. Seismic changes will continue to impact the beverage industry, specifically beer craft.

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister (1940 to 1945 and 1951 to 1955) said, “Most people hate the taste of beer, to begin with. It is, however, a prejudice.

Beer Market

According to the 2016 Beer Market Report, published by Beverage Industry, beer production yearly revenues surpass $220 billion worldwide.

The United States is the second largest manufacturer with 2015 sales exceeding $33.38 billion. China has the top spot as number one.

Trends will continue to increase in dollar and volume, as worldwide producers embrace creative, ground-breaking beer expansion and opportunities. Driving beer craft growth is unique developments in gluten-free beers, popular, independent niches, and sales.

Furthermore, inspirational non-traditional and super-premium flavors, such as apple, ales, ciders, hard root beers, allow the crafters to make a name for themselves. There are four slices the industry cultivates; brewpubs, microbreweries, regional craft breweries, and contract brewing companies. All will need entry level, enthusiastic, motivated employees to carry on the process.

Visit Bureau of Labor and Statistics ( for more information.


Knowledge and background are necessary to compete in today's economy. Curriculums are a combination of lecture, lab, and vocational, hands-on experience. Plan to learn and enjoy!

A taste of fun terms includes; zymurgy a branch of chemistry dealing with fermentation, the white whale which is rare beers, and lightstruck or skunked when the hops are exposed.

Other topics are bottle conditioning, dosage, infusion, finishing hops, draught and draft steam beers, dry hopping, and elements of fermentation.

Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC)

The SRJC program beginning in the fall is a one-year, 16 unit training program in Sonoma County, California. The approximate cost is $1500. Previously, the nearest academic programs are the University of California, Davis and Oregon State University.

This makes the SRJC Beer Craft program attractive as a regional learning hub. In addition, as a part of the 113 California Community Colleges which services 2.1 million students, the costs are reasonable.