“Knolly Nibbles” is a new character who is set to inspire a series of children’s books in 2017 and beyond. Knolly Nibbles is a little mouse with heart-shaped ears and no tail whose primary mission is to promote self-acceptance and kindness to all living creatures. Recently, Author Michele Goren was honored to discuss her experiences as a children’s book writer and her hopes for the future of the series.


Blasting News (BN): What initially influenced you to start writing?

Michele Goren (MG): As an artist, since childhood, everything I drew or painted had a story.

When I drew Knolly, even she had a story. I created the Knolly series to share positive messages of self-love and acceptance for the young and young at heart. Knolly embodies kindness, empathy, truth, and passion. No matter our differences, we are all special.

BN: What inspired “Knolly Nibbles”?

MG: Sometimes life serves too much to handle too quickly. Art and writing was where I find peace and comfort. I drew a little mouse with heart shaped ears and no tail that seemed to make everyone smile. I added positive, uplifting quotes. After drawing Knolly one afternoon, my granddaughter said, “Knolly Nibbles taught me how to love myself from the inside out and if the whole world holds Knolly Nibbles, the whole world will be happy!” At that moment, my life passion changed.

I wanted Knolly to touch more young hearts because everyone needs to love themselves just the way they are. When we accomplish that, people will also accept each other with less judgment. There’s hope yet!

BN: How many books have you published and was the publishing process tough?

MG: I have completed the first book, “A Tale of Tails for Knolly Nibbles” which is the first of twenty-seven story lines.

It coincides with Knolly’s Storybook App, adapted and developed by Lagoon Black Studios, from my story and art, now on iTunes. The hardback book is due out this spring with two more books to follow. Publishing-wise, knowing some very gifted Bestselling Authors has been very helpful. I haven't found getting the book to print difficult and hope the same for publishing.

I look forward to knowing the process well.

BN: How did you expand into toys?

MG: I did a campaign for awareness of the Knolly brand. I was blessed with DGL Toys, who we work closely with producing the cutest Knolly toys.


BN: What’s the most rewarding part of inventing Knolly?

MG: The most rewarding part is loving, emotional, and passionate responses from parents, grandparents, students, doctors, and children of all ages toward Knolly.

BN: What is forthcoming for Knolly?

MG: This spring her Tale of Tails book will hopefully be published. Knolly is slated to appear at several conventions and shows from Germany to Hong Kong to Toy Fair in NY. This spring we will introduce a more expanded line of toys, such as her castle, cupcake house, tree house and more that fit with Knolly’s land, “Nibbleville.” We hope to introduce some of Knolly’s friends in 2017.

I hope to have the two other story books mentioned out for this fall season. It’s exciting to see Knolly getting so much attention. I look forward to what is happening now, and all that I’m not aware of yet, that will propel her appealing and sweet brand forward.

BN: What advice would you give to those who are aspiring authors?

MG: Do what you love to do. Don’t overthink anything and believe in yourself. Don’t try to be like anyone else. You have a special gift inside of you so allow your creativity to soar but don’t be afraid to fall either. You’ll have great writing days and some not so great. Don’t worry with that; it’s part of the process. Be yourself without fail because the inner rewards are far greater than anything else. Create wildly and proof it later. Know this; the right people will be there at the right time to help...just keep moving forward and never give up!