On Wednesday, the 11th of January, FKA Twigs posted a 10 second clip hinting at a collaboration with Nike. This has now been confirmed, as the singer, famous for the release of EP1 (2012), EP2 (2013), and later, M3LL 155X (2015), released an online zine detailing further motivation behind her Nike ‘do you believe in more?’ collaboration. Some may be surprised by this new venture, but it isn’t totally surprising, as she has a strong dancing background. Essentially, it isn't completely out of left field. In an interview with Dazed magazine, she commented that she felt that “people don’t always see dancers as athletes.

But we are."

Project gets personal with launch of new zine

The online zine used to launch the concept behind the project calls for “a community in tune with their spirit, their creativity and the power to move forward” to “help each other uncover the potential we all have within." The project is clearly personal, as FKA Twigs writes that “ever since I was young I knew that I was special“ as she seeks to ask “do you believe in more?” The zine features dancers, athletes and musicians with inspirational quotes and powerful imagery.

FKA Twigs hopes to "inspire people who want to use their bodies in a positive way"

Additionally, a 2 minute long YouTube video uses an array of dancing, athletics and speech to portray the overall message of the coming collection.

A song that FKA Twigs hinted at last year is used as the main soundtrack to the video. This yet unreleased song titled "Trust in Me" is a collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never and Motion Graphic. She highlights that she hoped the project would inspire “people who want to use their bodies in a positive way. I cast a group of amazing people who take their physicality seriously and have their own sense of style, in order to push people to be healthy and understand that, through any genre of sport, they can be the best versions of themselves," according to Marie Claire.

The FKA Twigs x Nike collection is available on the brands official website, Nike.com.