“Dr. Panda Café” is the latest release by the incredibly popular App franchise, Dr. Panda. Café was the first release of 2017, having made its debut on January 19. “Dr. Panda Café” enables players to assume the roles of animated waiters, managers, baristas and more as they serve food and drinks to customers in a whimsical café.


Dr. Panda is similar to Toca Boca, Sago Mini and some other open-play companies and producing virtual creative-play opportunities for young Children is their mission. The “Dr. Panda Café” game makes everything from seating customers to cleaning tables into a fun experience that children aged four to six will especially enjoy.

The game enables children to decorate foods, visit the kitchen, collect money from customers, and make things happen in the café by tapping on objects such as the umbrella, fish tank, refrigerator, and more. Noting that it is an “open-play” app, it was designed so children can play at will and make their own choices. Whereas they need to give customers their correct orders to successfully collect money/coins (and subsequently unlock more food features) there are also options to simply pick whatever foods they wish to serve without negative repercussions.

"We wanted to create a game that revolves around taking care of animal customers and fulfilling their needs,” explained lead game designer Twan Mul.

“After trying a few other themes like a clothing shop, we agreed that a cafe fit best. This is because going to a cafe is not something you do quickly; customers sit down, take their time with their food and enjoy the moment."


Designing this game was not an overly drawn-out process, but it was tricky to get certain aspects to pan out successfully, such as animating the emotions of the characters.

“In the café the characters are always interacting with one another and showing their various emotions, and so we had to balance each part of the game around that,” said Twan Mul. “I think it turned out well. There are twenty-five different foods in the game and lots of reactions to the meals. I love watching the animal avatars enjoying the food I've made.

Interacting, sipping their coffees; seeing the game come alive."

The menu features cookies, ice cream, fruits, vegetables, and more. Players can customize the meals and the roster of servings was designed to be expanded in future updates. “We can design new dishes to be included at a later date,” Twan Mul declared. “We're open to new ideas, so we are definitely open to feedback about what people would like to see added.” As per additions to the Dr. Panda franchise, the company has many new plans up their sleeves for 2017. “I can't share most of our forthcoming projects right now,” Twan Mul admitted, “but I will say that we're moving into the city for our next title!”