Now that the holiday season is officially underway millions of people from all across the globe will be attending and/or hosting parties. Part of what makes get-togethers enjoyable are the foods and beverages served. To that end, several snack companies have released brand new foods and/or flavors to make the Holidays extra sweet. Moreover, several companies are presently holding online sweepstakes to celebrate the impending holidays.


Established in 1898, Gimbal’s Fine Candies is one of the oldest producers of sweet treats that creates its wares on United States soil.

Offering everything from cinnamon to gourmet jelly beans to licorice, Gimbal’s is proud of their dedication to allergen-free edibles that do not include gluten, egg, peanut, tree nut, dairy or soy ingredients thus making them accessible to a huge majority of individuals. “Over the past few years we have noticed an increase in the popularity of candies with a fresh and juicy flavor,” Karin Vollrath the Sales and Marketing Director at Gimbal. “We make our cherry candies with real fruit juice so they burst with flavor. Our licorice is also all natural. There is a huge satisfaction knowing that candy is a little treat that can bring so much joy into people’s lives.” The San Francisco-based company’s seasonal ‘All Natural Black Licorice’ candies are shaped like Scottie dogs—which was the breed favored by the founding family.

Until December 12, 2016, Gimbals is running a Holiday Sweepstakes on Facebook which will result in someone winning a stocking full of the Black Licorice Scotties.

Neal Brothers

Neal Brothers, a Canadian maker of snack foods established in 1988, is also preparing for the holiday season. For 2016 they have released four new “gourmet” flavors of their kettle chips: Maple Bacon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Spicy Srirachup, and Montreal Steak Spice.

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Moreover, they are always offering great tips for snack lovers and foodies on their social media pages. Some of the Neal Brothers tips include recipes that put a spin on traditional holiday meals. For example, Montreal Steak Spice kettle chips can be used to crust a roast beef or pork, Srirachup kettle chips can be effective in topping a casserole, Pink Himalayan Salt kettle chips can be added to a turkey stuffing, and Maple Bacon kettle chips can go well with certain desserts.


Desserts are a big part of most holidays and PEEPS is a brand that is well known for their sugary Snacks; namely their marshmallows. While PEEPS started out as being Easter snacks, they have now expanded to offer foods for other holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. In fact, Christmas has become one of their staple seasons with marshmallow snacks shaped like Christmas trees, gingerbread men, snowmen and more. There are even various flavors of the brand’s iconic “chick” logo dipped in chocolate or rendered in candy cane tastes. Moreover, PEEPS got into the Christmas season by releasing several plush toys shaped like their namesake candies. Newly released for 2016 are flavors including sugar plum, cinnamon roll and Christmas cookie.