Though he has written a handful of titles for DC comics, the name Stan Lee has been synonymous with comic book powerhouse Marvel for more than five decades. Now, his name has more than just comic book guru, cameo king, or creative visionary attached to it; It also has “doctor.”

Stan Lee's first doctorate

Though he's received plenty of accolades from the comic book community over the years, this is Lee's first time being awarded a doctorate -- whether honorary or not. At 93, it's surprising it hasn't happened before now.

The degree was presented to him via video during the University of the Arts inauguration ceremony for their new president, David Yager.

UArts chose to present Lee with the degree, a doctorate in fine arts, as a result of his contributions to not only the arts over the last 70 years, but also his contributions to the global economy.

Lee thanked the crowd with his signature "Excelsior!" Its become his catchphrase since penning "Stan's Soapbox" at the back of Marvel Comic issues during his time as an editor.

Stan Lee's Marvel history

Stan Lee’s history with Marvel Comics goes back to before the publisher was even called Marvel. He became an assistant for Timely Comics in 1939 and worked his way up the ladder. By the time the company had become Marvel in the 1950s, Lee was a writer. He’s credited with creating Spider-Man, Marvel’s first family The Fantastic Four, and his name will probably always be associated with the characters that make up the X-Men and the Avengers.

He did leave Marvel behind and start his own publishing company, but he’s still so prominent in the Marvel world due to his association with Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox. While 20th Century Fox owns “X-Men” screen rights, Marvel owns the majority of the characters published by the comics of the same name. Lee gets a producer credit on every film created based on one of his characters, and his contract also stipulates that he gets a cameo if schedules allow for it.

He’s appeared in more than two dozen movies and television series, or his likeness has. Even the animated “Big Hero 6” featured his portrait on the wall.

The man, the myth, the legend

In addition to his doctorate, Lee is also a member of the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame, the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame, has received four different Lifetime Achievement Awards in the last 20 years, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

At 93-years-old, he's not done yet either. Lee continues to write and develop comic book stories through different publishing groups and attend Comic Cons. His Comikaze Expo was recently renamed Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con and Los Angeles has even declared October 28 to be Stan Lee Day.

He also filmed four cameos for upcoming Marvel movies. You'll be able to catch him on the big screen in "Doctor Strange," "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and "Thor: Ragnarok" over the next year.

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