Music is a big part of many people’s daily lives, and everyone has specific musical tastes which are why customizable playlists are such a popular feature on music apps. Noting the allure of music, a company known as HamiltonBuhl recently released the “Juke24” which is essentially a customizable and portable boombox for children that has also proven popular among seniors.


Juke24 enables kids to load their own songs and play them at the touch of a button just like a traditional jukebox found in classic diners. Juke24 even comes with a decal-making app that enables users to customise each button to fit the content it represents.

Overall, Juke24 has the capabilities of holding up to 48 hours of music, speeches, poems and more. Files can be uploaded from a computer, CD, smartphone or other tablets—it even has a karaoke function. The Juke24 currently comes in three colors—black, red or pink—and it was built to be sturdy and capable of handling the rough use that sometimes comes along with portability. It contains 4GB of memory, a takeover microphone, a digital display, built-in speakers and a CD player. The sound it emits is clear and crisp. While there are apps like iTunes and Spotify and "sing along boomboxes" from companies ranging from Disney to Hasbro, there is nothing precisely like the Juke24 and a patent is currently pending.Interestingly, although the Juke24 was designed for kids, its plush-sized buttons and easy-to-use structure have made it an incredibly popular item among senior citizens, too.


HamiltonBuhl has been in operation since 1933 and always specialised in tech-savvy items with an educational edge. In the beginning, they produced record players for classrooms and went on to produce boom boxes, CD players and even the very first overhead projection system. They currently have over 300 items on the market, most of them pertaining to AV equipment and educational electronics ranging from Flex-Phones headphones to media players.

Despite having been in business for over eighty years, the Juke24 is the first product of its kind by the company. “Our mission is to facilitate and accelerate the learning process for students of all ages,” said Shelly Goldstein, the President and Owner of HamiltonBuhl. “With feedback and needs of our users, we begin developing products.We also work with inventors and have helped bring their ideas to life by helping them to design, engineer, manufacture and distribute.

It’s very rewarding to developing and deliver products that greatly help students from toddler to high school and beyond.” As a former teacher, Shelly understands the benefits that both technology and customization can have on learning. In fact, as a graduate student in the 1970s, Shelly focused on the benefits of customization and inventiveness on people’s perceptions of products and was a driving force behind the designable stickers feature.


HamiltonBuhl plans on expanding their STEM-based offerings in 2017; especially in reference to toys and games that inspire kids to learn coding techniques. “Kids today are very discerning and are very active in creating their experiences and entertainment,” said Shelly Goldstein.

“They are programming and coding the games they play and creating the media theyenjoy. To that end, we will be expanding our offerings in the STEM area as well as the preschool area.” Another big upcoming project is the “Noise Off” battery-less device that uses patented technology to block out distracting sounds to increase concentration and focus. The Noise Off will be released next year followed by a range of items focused on virtual reality. “Robotics, coding and virtual reality are definitely our future focuses and we aim to expand worldwide,” Shelly stated. As for the Juke24, it is due to debut in Europe in 2017.

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