Adding a terrarium to your home is a great way to add color and vibrancy back into your life. Many have found creating their own terrarium to be a greatstress reliever.Anxiety is also reduced by putting your energy towards something relaxing and fun!

What you will need:

  • 1) Glass receptacles.
  • 2) Succulents - approximately five per vase if using a 5'' glass bowl.
  • 3) Activated charcoal
  • 4) Succulent/Cacti soil
  • 5) Sand (optional)
  • 6) Spray Bottle
  • 7) Small paintbrush.

Activated charcoal.

Add a small layer of activated charcoal to the bottom of your glass receptacle. This will allow for your new plant friends to be secure and grow healthy in their new home.


Select your succulents for your terrarium. Go for variety. Use lots of textures and plenty of color. Remember you want your house looking cheerful and happy! When you are happy with the desired amount of succulents, loosen the root ball before placing the succulent. Then arrange the succulents the way you want. The more the better! You want your plants to become friends. So adding a few should be a good start.


You can add sand if you like. If you want to get creative and give your terrarium a more authentic look, try adding some type of natural material such as sand or gravel to fill in the gaps between your plants. This will make the garden look more cohesive. If you would like to add other decorative objects to your terrarium go for it.

This is your time to be as creative as you want. Show your uniqueness with knickknacks of your desire.

Spray down.

Once you are happy with the desired look, spray down your terrarium using water.


The final step is to hydrate your new terrarium to give your plants a new burst of love! Remember, succulents like the sun and heat so you do not need to water them often.

The location where you place them is also important, make sure they are in direct sunlight to absorb as much vitamin D as possible.

Lastly, make sure to continue caring for your succulents. Always add new charcoal to keep the terrarium fresh for your plants.

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