"Final Fantasy VII Remake," the long-in-development and long-awaited next-generation reboot of the classic videogame title by Squaresoft (now Square Enix), is due to release on April 10 this year. But to whet the appetites of ‘Final Fantasy’ fans spanning years and decades of franchise history, a playable demo was released to the public last week on March 2.

It was also something of an apology from Square Enix because the remake was supposed to be released this month, only for them to announce a delay back in January. Thankfully, the demo was substantial enough to occupy players until the full game officially comes out.

Longer demo foreshadows longer 'FFVII Remake' game

Much like the original ‘Final Fantasy VII’ title that came out on the original Sony PlayStation in 1997, "Final Fantasy VII Remake" on the PlayStation 4 has a playable demo that covers the first full ‘dungeon’ in the game according to The Guardian. This involves the main characters, Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace leading the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE to destroy a Mako reactor, one of several facilities providing power to the metropolis of Midgar by draining life energy from the planet.

Where the 1997 version of the initial Mako ‘bombing mission’ could be finished in less than half an hour with good play, "FFVII Remake" substantially expands on this gameplay ‘quest’ by several means.

There is a more expansive dungeon environment to explore and navigate. Conversation scenes are fully voiced and cinematically acted out, and the battles are far more involved thanks to Square Enix substantially revamping the old combat system.

But the real kicker here is that Square Enix was cheeky enough to add a secret ending to the playable "FFVII Remak" demo, not from the PlayStation original.

Comicbook.com has the inside scoop on this Easter egg which may or may not be ‘canon’ to the full game when it finally releases. It involves choosing to set the timer of the Mako reactor bomb for 20 minutes, leading to an alternate story sequence with an early appearance from the primary antagonist of "Final Fantasy VII."

PS4 release but playable on upcoming PS5

Square Enix really went above and beyond just making a revival for current gaming consoles for one of their videogame masterpieces.

The length of the demo for "Final Fantasy VII Remake" only underscores just how much more time will be spent by players and their party of well-known and beloved characters in the starting area of Midgar.

The main game, after all, is being released in several episodes within the following years. "FFVII Remake" will not even need an updated re-release for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console because it is backward-compatible with the PlayStation 4 where it will come out. That alone is good news for Square Enix fans who are all waiting to get their hands on the first chapter of this lengthy game reboot, this coming April 10.