On January 20, Twitch streamer H.Bomberguy, Harry Brewis, organized a livestream for charity. The stream aimed to raise money for an organization called Mermaids - a charity dedicated to providing help and support for transgender children. The chosen game for the stream was the 2000 Nintendo and Rare platformer "Donkey Kong 64."

The stream was organized as a rebuttal to Irish comedian Graham Lineham whose most notable work includes the sitcoms "Father Ted" and "Black Books." An outspoken critic of the transgender community, Lineham's views prompted a petition to have him removed from an edition of the British show "Prime Time" focused on a debate regarding trans rights.

The charity, Mermaids, was chosen deliberately for the stream because of Lineham's vocal opposition towards the organization.

The DK Crew

"Donkey Kong 64" is a 3D platformer developed by Rare- the company known for titles such as "Donkey Kong Country," "Banjo Kazooie," and "Goldeneye" for the Nintendo 64. The game allowed players to control Donkey and his friends on a journey to stop the evil King K. Rool's plans to blow up DK Isle.

Released to a mixed reception, it was the first and only 3D platformer to star the acrobatic simian. The game is well known for its expansive worlds, numerous collectibles, and its infamous opening rap number.

During its initial 2000 release, the game was advertised as being so big that it required the N64 expansion pack to run it.

Years later, the developers revealed that the game actually had a memory leak issue which resulted in the game crashing without the expansion pack. Since Nintendo wanted the game ready for a holiday release, the solution was to ship copies with the pack included. The pack alleviated but didn't quite resolve the issue, as the game will still crash after a long period of playtime.

'She's one cool Kong'

In the middle of the stream, a very special guest called in to give her regards and gush over the Nintendo 64 and "Pokemon Snap." This caller was none other than newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

This appearance came shortly after "West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin criticized the Democratic party for acting immature and focusing on issues such as transgender bathrooms. Cortez countered back by claiming, "we wouldn't need to talk about bathrooms at all if we all acted like adults." As of now, the livestream has concluded, reaching a total of $340,000.