According to Polygon and IGN, Sony released a trailer for the upcoming "MediEvil" remake for PlayStation 4 on Halloween. In what seems to be the current trend, beloved PlayStation One classics have been remade from the ground up for a whole new generation to enjoy. First "Crash Bandicoot," then the upcoming "Spyro," and now "MediEvil." Unlike "Crash" and "Spyro," Sony still owns the rights to "MediEvil" and is tasking one of their own studios with this remaster.

Dead man Dan

In 1998, Sony Computer Entertainment's Cambridge studio told the tale of Sir Daniel Fortesque; a court jester turned knight who suffered an ignoble death at the hands of an evil wizard named Zarok.

Despite dying at the first slings of arrows, Sir Dan was posthumously praised as a hero by the people of Gallowmere, who mistakenly believed that he died delivering a fatal blow to the evil sorcerer. While the townspeople told tales of Sir Dan's sacrifice, Zarok escaped and spent his time plotting his revenge.

After a hundred years of peace and prosperity, the evil wizard returns to Gallowmere to raise the dead and form an unholy army. It is then that Sir Dan is awoken from his century-long sleep. The gargoyles of the crypt urge him to live up to the legend as the man who defeated Zarok so that he might redeem himself in the eyes of his fallen comrades and finally join them in the Hall of Heroes.

The Hall of Heroes

The gameplay of "MediEvil" mixed elements of beat em ups, platformers, graphic adventures like "Monkey Island," and survival horrors like "Resident Evil." Sir Dan could equip an impressive arsenal of weapons including a sword, a crossbow, a hammer, and even his own limbs. Each stage tasked players with reaching the end goal by solving devious puzzles and dispatching undead menaces.

Players could just go straight to the exit and proceed if they wanted, but if they stopped and smelled the roses, they could discover the secret chalices hidden in each level. These chalices allowed players to visit the Hall of Heroes where they could gain new weapons and chat with the heroes of Gallowmere who've passed on.

Uncovering all the hidden chalices granted players the true ending to the game.

The resurrection

In 2005, Sony Cambridge remade "MediEvil" from the ground up for the PSP as "MediEvil Resurrection." This version included new combat system, a completely orchestrated soundtrack, and voice acting from Tom Baker of "Doctor Who" fame. While critics felt that the humor and Gothic atmosphere had aged well, the tweaks made to the gameplay were not enough to compete with more modern and polished offerings.

The remake for PlayStation 4 is being handled by the Canadian based Other Ocean Interactive and it looks to be mixing the gameplay of the original with "Resurrection's" orchestral soundtrack. The trailer promises an "eye-popping" 4K resolution on PlayStation Pro and a 2019 release.