This past November, Sledgehammer Games, the company that changed the Call of Duty franchise with exo-movements with Advanced Warfare, introduced their second edition to the best-selling video game franchise, ever, and by a large margin, "Call of Duty: WWII." The photo above depicts my stats. I’ve spent way too much time playing this video game. 1.13 K/D ratio, terrible, 329 score per minute, awful, 1.57 win/loss ratio, horrific. I'm 46 years old, you have to cut me a break, I'm never going to be as good at "WWII" as you.

Boots on the ground

The last three additions to the franchise contained exo-movements, jumping high in the air, running on walls, hanging in the air with completely ridiculous head-glitches and annoying multiplayer combat where nobody spent any time on the ground.

Maybe you played "Infinite War" with the robot rig, equipped Propulsion, and spent all your time standing in one place jumping into the air, hanging, and getting a lot of kills. That’s not my play style at all, I’m a rusher. "WWII" returned the game to boots on the ground, thank goodness. I want to play "Call of Duty" and not "Halo." There’s still getting jump kills and drop-shot kills, maybe you have an Xbox elite controller, I have the regular $60 controller, I’ve already been through two with the most recent "CoD" release.

Realistic combat coupled with nostalgic weapons

"WWII" returned to using the actual historical and accurate name of primary and secondary weapons while the return to boots on the ground, combined with an actual historical time-period and events, elevated the realism of the multiplayer combat.

In four straight releases I have reached Master Prestige, I can tell you "Infinite Warfare" was ridiculously unrealistic, and it’s nice for a release to return to more realistic boots on the ground multiplayer combat. Fans of the franchise who played "Call of Duty: World at War," and the game within a game release "Kino Der Toten," fondly remember the MP-40, even during" Infinite Warfare," with the release introducing weapon variants to the franchise, brought back the MP-40 late in their annual run as the most current title.

Weapon variants continue in "WWII," although no changes in weapon stats, merely cool looking design variants of each primary and secondary weapon. Personally, I play a lot of shotgun as the primary weapon. During "Black Ops 4," it was the Brecci, semi-automatic shotgun, in "WWII," the pump shotgun is the best choice. I have diamond camo submachine guns and shotguns during this release.

I usually pick one or the other to unlock the diamond camo, though, this is the first release where I’ve completed diamond camo challenges for two primary weapon classes.

Awesome score-streaks and easy way to get them

The AI on paratroopers is incredible. I wish I was half as good as one of the four paratroopers who spawn from the sky when this high-end score-streak is summoned. The paratroopers drop shot, jump shot, throw grenades and don’t miss when they have you in their sites. Pro tip: Drop your paratroopers in your spawn, i.e., make sure your team is spawning around you, your paratroopers will do better. Requisitions, a basic training selection, makes score-streaks easy to obtain.

Your score does not reset at death and if you score 2,850 points in the match, you’re going to get fire bombing run, paratroopers, and carpet Bombing once in the match.

It’s so over powered, I had to play it for a while. I got bored with it, switched to shotgun and saboteur and made my score-streaks with recon plane, artillery, and flak guns. I have a lot of fun when I get flak guns and wait for someone utilizing requisitions and struggling, late in the game to finally call in their paratroopers and instantly eliminate them from the equation.

Sometimes I get flak guns two or three times a game, I know it hurts people’s feelings to get their paratroopers and carpet bombing shot down, but I play to win. Hard-point is an objective game and I play the objective, I don’t play an objective game trying to run everyone’s flank and finish with a high K/D ratio. What’s you’re score per minute?

What is your win/loss ration? Let’s look at those two figures then K/D ratio then make constructive arguments on who is better at "WWII." To you K/D fanatics out there, it means nothing. What’s your score per minute and win/loss? Oh no, I went negative in a video game whatever will I do?

Sledgehammer, you did well with this release. It’s the best "Call of Duty" release I’ve played since "Modern Warfare 2."