The Nintendo Switch (NS or Switch for short) is without a doubt the most versatile gaming device ever created. It can be enjoyed in three different ways; docked (on your TV), handheld mode, or in tabletop mode. This allows gamers to play the same game anywhere at any time without any additional cost (sorry PS Vita). This, in itself, was the sole reason why the NS was able to sell over ten million units within its first year. However, many were still indecisive to invest in the Switch, mainly because it lacked games to go along with the console.

In all honesty, one can’t be blamed for being reserved about buying a Switch because at launch it only had “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” Though both great games, they aren’t enough for most to invest in the system. Thankfully, due to the success of the NS, that is no longer the case.

Nintendo Direct; what it has to offer?

If you are still unsure of investing in an NS, the Nintendo Direct which was on March 08 2017, revealed what was coming in the near future for the system. There were many great announcements however the one that outshined them all was the teaser for “Super Smash Bros.” This was huge for Nintendo Fans worldwide and it sent them into an uproar.

Social media was flooded with images, videos and fan theories within minutes of the trailer.

In fact, there were more posts about “Smash Bros.” than there were for International Women’s Day on my timeline. Perhaps it is because of who I follow on social media, but my peers and I agreed that up until recently, we could not see anything except for news about “Smash Bros.” It is still unclear whether or not this is a new game or simply a port but as many agreed, “Who cares; it’s Smash for the Switch!”

Although the “Super Smash Bros.” announcement was huge, there were some other noticeable announcements for the NS, one of those being “Mario Tennis Aces.” It’s been a good while since we had another installment within the “Mario Tennis” franchise and I am more than looking forward to this one.

Fully utilizing the NS capabilities, it appears that one can play primarily in three ways; with the controller in its default form, with one Joy Con controller or with a Joy Con like a Wii controller. This allows you to play with buttons, or get some exercise and play with motion controls; more ways to play, more ways to have fun.

Other notable announcements were an expansion in the form of a DLC for “Splatoon 2” (where you play as an Octoling), “Dark Souls: Re-mastered, “the “No More Heroes” Sequel, “Okami HD,” “Crash Bandicoot” Trilogy and “Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.”

Nintendo Switch rumored games

Still not convinced to make the switch to the Switch? Then how about some rumored games at are currently in development for the system. My favorite rumor is the possibility of “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” on the NS. The thing about rumors is that they can be nothing more than just that, or they can be based on something substantial. Earlier this year, there was a video of the game running on the NS. NS owners worldwide pleaded to Capcom and Nintendo throughout social media to make it happen even if it was a hoax video.

Another rumor that can be more than just that was a Diablo 3 port. On their Twitter page, they showed a video of the icon for “Diablo” as a light switch turning on and off. It’s not hard to see why fans would think that a port is in development; however, nothing was confirmed (nor denied) as of late. More rumors such as “Dragon Ball FighterZ,” “Grand Theft Auto” and “Kingdom Hearts” (possibly 3 but not likely) have been surfacing on the net recently. Again, although these are nothing more than rumors, it must be noted that few rumors tend to come through (Skyrim on the NS for example)

Nintendo Switch, perhaps the most innovative gaming device in the last ten years, has placed itself on the forefront within the gaming community.

Its versatility allows one to experience the same game in multiple ways. Though its diaspora of games was extremely limited at its inception, its library has grown fundamentally thus encouraging more developers to port and or make games for the system.