Still in development, the upcoming Indie Game "Cross Gears" has a lot to offer. It is a Racing game with a twist—battle mechanics. It combines the thrill of a racing game with combat. "Cross Gears'" mechanics go beyond throwing items at rival players as seen in Nintendo's "Mario Kart." The player is locked in combat with AI robot car bosses while also racing down a track. Smit Parmar, the creator of this game, said in an interview that the player in the game must “Fight, survive, and win.” This unique combination is a prime example of brilliant indie game innovation.

'Cross Gears' and e-sports

In his interview with me, Parmar said his biggest inspiration came from e-sports. According to Business Insider, e-sports have become increasingly popular, slated to be a $1.5 billion industry by 2020. "Cross Gears" is specifically built to be an e-sport game. The biggest problem in Parmar's way was the number of racing games on the market. So, to set "Cross Gears" apart from the rest, Parmar decided to design a game that included interesting level design, fighting tactics, and movement control.

This game will feature both single player and a multiplayer mode.

He confirmed that as of now, there is no plan to have a main narrative. Instead of focusing on that, Parmar has put his efforts into making unique levels, interesting gameplay, and vehicle design.

The cars in the game

“…each car has different abilities. I decided to approach with a sci-fi look,” Parmar said. Cars are the focus of the game, and they look beautiful.

These are some of the abilities that certain vehicles have in the game.

  • Shoot grenades
  • Discharge electricity in a shock wave
  • Freeze other cars

With all these powers, it might be possible that these cars will assume combat roles such as the Tank, the DPS, and the Support.

If that becomes the case, then there’s more strategy to this game than figuring out how to get through the track the fastest. A player will need to combine their racing skills with their combat skills in order to bring home the win.

Another unique aspect of this game is the health and mana bars that each racing vehicle will have, which are often seen in games that include battle mechanics.

Shields have also been mentioned as being part of the game.

New independently developed games are hitting the scene every single day. They come up with crazy ideas that sound challenging to make—much like this game.