After "The Force Awakens" ended, it'd be easy to think that maybe Luke was living a quiet, lonely life on the island of Ahch-To -- perhaps to get away from all the trauma Obi-Wan exposed him to -- but that would be a terrible assumption.

After "Return of the Jedi," Luke Skywalker was left alone and far away from his old friends, but he still had many questions that needed answers. Led by his ambition to discover more about the state of the empire, we now know that Luke discovers something small, but very important -- something that seemed to be hidden away by the empire.

This has been brought to light for the first time ever, thanks to "Star Wars Battlefront 2" -- which just released about a week ago. While the game has stirred up a ton of controversy, what's really important is one of the cutscenes in the campaign mode.

How 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' shows the discovery

As players play through they meet a single member of Inferno Squad -- Del Meeko. He finds himself working alongside Luke. The pair find themselves entering the Emperor’s Observatory as it had been a goal to reach the bunker. Upon opening a door that only someone force sensitive could open, Luke finds himself guided by the Force yet again as he finds himself opening a crate with a strange assortment of trinkets, including a compass.

Luke picks it up and asks for Del’s permission to keep it before Del allegedly destroyed the Observatory, per his orders.

The hidden Force compass

What this means for "The Force Awakens" and "The Last Jedi": The compass Luke recovered from the Emperor’s Observatory on Pillio was, in fact, the original map that led Luke to the first Jedi Temple located on Ahch-To. According to Han Solo in "The Force Awakens," Luke walked away from everything after losing everything to Kylo Ren, and those who knew him best thought he would go in search of the first Jedi temple.

Since recovering the compass, Luke continued his journey following the Force as it guided him to more Jedi artifacts and Force-sensitive areas that the Emperor had hidden away in his observatories hidden across the galaxy. However, Luke shared his knowledge of the Pillio incident with Han, Leia, and others that Luke trusted with the compass' location.

Then, weird things happen and you start to question everything, like why are people saying that Luke has a red kyber crystal in "The Last Jedi"? How does that even make sense? But the real question is, what will Luke find at the Jedi Temple? What else could be hiding? Why wasn't the Force compass being guarded if it was hidden away? How long was it hidden, and where else could it lead? There are still many theories left unanswered