Last Monday, "Destiny 2" underwent some maintenance, but Bungie explained that players would not be impacted by this process. The massively multiplayer first-person shooter had a few maintenance sessions scheduled prior to October 16, with players being kicked out of "Destiny 2" for a few hours.

The developer's Twitter page explained that “there is currently no expected user impact during this maintenance.” While it remains to be seen whether gamers experience any side-effects of the work being carried out, this is a nice step-forward from just not being allowed to play.

Unfortunately, this new trend did not last long, as "Destiny 2" is scheduled to receive further maintenance today and players will be booted out.


The work is scheduled to commence at 8 AM PDT or 4 PM UK Time. Bungie is expecting the maintenance to last for four hours, so players should be able to access their content at around 2 PM. People from Europe are set to suffer the most, as the downtime will eat up most of their afternoon. In this case, US players should not be impacted too badly.

Once the maintenance is completed, "Destiny 2" players will receive a new update to download. As there are a handful of bugs which need to be ironed out, this could greatly enhance the overall experience.

Discussing the online game's required downtime, Bungie explained that "occasionally, "Destiny" may be brought offline for scheduled or emergency maintenance, or to update the game to address gameplay issues or add in-game features."

A retrospective

The original "Destiny" offered great gameplay but not much else. There was a fair amount of hype surrounding its release, mostly due to Bungie's history with "Halo," but the FPS suffered from a lack of content and a non-existent storyline.

The sequel fixed most of these issues, although it feels more like a reboot than a fully fledged follow-up.

The gameplay is still one of the best in the genre, with quick and action-packed fire-fights to keep the player entertained. Despite that, "Destiny 2" is far from perfect. The developer removed the difficulty options, making the entire experience ridiculously easy.

Enemies barely pack any punch and only the raid missions provide any challenge what-so-ever. There is a severe lack of post-game content as well, which suggests that Bungie has expansions planned already.

Fans of the first game are more than likely to enjoy the sequel, even if it does not offer anything particularly ground-breaking. Hopefully, it keeps on getting better.