"Destiny 2" is doing quite well, at least regarding sales and critical response. Being such a huge game, there are bound to be a few bugs lurking within the experience. Despite carrying out a maintenance period recently, "Destiny 2" continues to suffer from a glitch allowing players to go through walls. This is affecting the weekly multiplayer activity "Trails of the Nine," which has to be postponed for a fortnight until Bungie fix the issue.

From all possible things, the glitch is caused by a walk emote released by Bungie which replicates John Cleese's hilarious strut from the "Monty Python" sketch entitled "Ministry of Silly Walks." While players are undoubtedly frustrated due to not being able to access the multiplayer activity, it is kind of funny that such a silly emote ended up causing a huge problem.

Learning from past mistakes

"Destiny" sold well but is hardly the best-reviewed title of this generation. At launch, the sequel earned a high degree of praise due to fixing some obvious flaws of its predecessor. There actually is a story-line this time around, which should be mandatory anyway, and the levels flow considerably better. There is no more time wasting, as it is possible to jump from one planet to the next, greatly reducing the overall frustration felt while playing the original "Destiny."

After the honeymoon phase ended, some criticisms started to be flung towards "Destiny 2." Bungie has not helped themselves, as some of the events held since the launch failed to deliver really. The "Iron Banner" week especially felt like a step back from the previous re-incarnations of the event.

The biggest complaint is probably aimed towards the endgame, which is rather stripped down in comparison to its predecessor. While Bungie might very well improve upon this aspect as they go on, the fact it was launched without enough content is disappointing. The original "Destiny" suffered from a lack of missions at launch, so it is disheartening to see the sequel repeat the same mistakes.

Is it worth the money?

"Destiny 2" is not a perfect game. People who hated the previous entry are unlikely to fall in love with the sequel, as its improvements are small rather than substantial. The gameplay is still great, even if the enemies are way too easy, but it is possible to sink in a few dozen hours into what is already included in the game.

If it follows the trend set by the original, Bungie is likely to release a handful of expansions over the next two years. It might be worth waiting until they are available.