Square Enix surprised fans of Final Fantasy XV after announcing the release of its latest Patch 1.16 update today. Patch 1.16 is available for download on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The file size is 4.306GB for PS4 and 7.37GB for Xbox One.

In an interview with game director Hajime Tabata back at the Tokyo Game Show, he bared their plans of creating additional storylines on “Final Fantasy XV”. According to Tabata, the decision to develop additional contents and explore the previously unknown world of “FFXV” all came from fan requests.

War of the Astrals

Aside from the normal bug fixes, patch 1.16 update includes additional sequences in Chapter 12. As posted on the game’s official Twitter account, this will explain the events leading to the War of the Astrals.

The additional storyline is not expected to bring any major changes to “Final Fantasy XV” since it only explores the events leading to the War of the Astrals. However, expect minor characters to show up in supporting the backstory of the six Astrals: Titan, Ramuh, Leviathan, Shiva, Ifrit, and Bahamut.

Added features

In addition to the War of the Astrals backstory, the latest patch 1.16 on “FFXV” also brings the conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival which was first introduced back in January via patch 1.04. Plus, two new fishes were also added for Noctis to catch.

Patch 1.16 also includes bug fixes on Assassin's Festival like the invisible walls, the interaction with Holly after buying the False Orders and more.

These updates were previewed in the “Final Fantasy XV” Universe trailer released last week.

The future of 'FFXV'

According to Tabata, his team will continue expanding the story of “FFXV” even after the release of Episode Ignis which will serve as the game’s last DLC. As posted by Reddit.com, a dedicated team was assigned to work solely on Episode Ignis.

The Episode Ignis trailer is expected to be unveiled in October.

After Ignis, they will continue developing and filling up missing details of the game. Without divulging any specifics, Tabata said these are stories fans would like to see, acknowledging fan observations that there are indeed, missing aspects in the game. However, Tabata promised they won’t go as far as creating a sequel.

Finally, the PC version of “Final Fantasy XV” remains on target to arrive by Q1 of 2018. Tabata said the PC version will have a multiplayer mode unlike the PS4 and Xbox One console versions which only support single player mode.