A marketing game manager at Rocksteady Studios hinted that a Superman version of Arkham game series might underway. Rocksteady Studios is the company behind the popular “Batman: Arkham” game.

The Reddit account of the gaming company’s marketing manager Gaz Deaves recently joined a thread by writing a reply that allegedly alluded to an upcoming "Superman Arkham" game. It all started when one Reddit user wrote, “I’m really hoping for a Superman game.”

The first response on the thread came from Rocksteady Gaz, the account name of Deaves. He responded to the statement by cryptically posting a smiling emoticon.

Superman version

According to Comic Books Galaxy, the response could either mean that Rocksteady Studios just confirmed a sequel to the "Arkham" game, but this time featuring the Man Of Steel, or it will be an entirely new game with him as the main character? The website believed that the latter is the most likely scenario.

“The Arkham game series did establish the existence of the Man of Steel, without even featuring him. The hints were seen through the LexCorp logos around Gotham, and a few dialogues featured in the gameplay,” Comic Books Galaxy stated.

In the Batman gameplay dialogues, there were mentions of Superman’s name and his city, Metropolis. The website suggested that these clues only revealed that Superman existed in the "Arkham" universe, despite the absence of his physical being in the game that featured the Caped Crusader.

Excited fans

Because of this particular Reddit conversation, fans were frenzied about the rumored game featuring another DC superhero. Some of them said that it will be very interesting, while others were already suggesting the possible storyline.

User RJK26 wrote, “Very interesting! Moreover, it wasn’t too long ago either it seems.

Fuel to the fire in my eyes, I think the Man of Steel could potentially lead our way.” Meanwhile, another user named KnightsOfHamillLove wanted a story that will delve into Arkham Asylum’s origins.

“If they were doing Superman, they might return to how they began with Asylum getting the basics right, and then expanding on those mechanics in the future.

I’d take inspiration from ‘Uncharted’ with the story not driven through open world Metropolis, which they could do at a later time,” the user suggested.

Fans also wanted to feature Clark Kent as a reporter with his detective skills and distinctive powers shown in the game. The game currently has the detective mode in the gameplay.