While Super Mario has evolved into something new in every new generation of gaming consoles, its side-scrolling rival game failed to do so. Sonic managed to stay afloat as a brand, but not as a gaming medium.Thanks for the comics and cartoons, the brand is still alive. The Sonic developers decided to go back to its roots and offer what Sonic is best known for = speedy action and fantastic levels. And because of this, "Sonic Mania" is born.

'Sonic Mania'

"Sonic Mania" is the newest game for Sonic available in Nintendo Switch for $19.99. As The Verge calls it, it is a Sonic game made by Sonic fans.

The game staff is a team of independent creators which created some Sonic fan projects before collaborating with Sega to make a Sonic game.

The game itself is like a retro-treasure that found its way to the Nintendo Switch. It looks like a 16-bit game which will take old Sonic fans to the Nostalgia land. The first stage even starts in the "Green Hill Zone." When you stop for awhile, Sonic will be looking at you and start to tap his foot impatiently. It feels like you're playing a Sega Genesis game, if not only for the Joy Cons.

The fast and the furious golden rings

Like the early games of the Sonic franchise, "Sonic Mania" successfully captured the excitement of a fast side-scrolling game. As you play the game, some levels feel like Sonic is unstoppable, and nothing can slow him down, even Mario can't compete.

The enemies and boosts are in the right place. There's also a moment when Sonic will have a trance-like state that makes him the fastest thing on Earth. Of course, speed is good. But it will make the enemies harder to avoid, which makes the game more exciting.

New features

There are new features in the game that add to the playfulness of the overall experience.

There are strange, bouncy plants, massive wood chippers, and floating gondolas. If you slow down long enough to explore other things, you will see that there are more hidden areas and multiple pathways.

Visuals look like a 16-bit throwback, but even the retro ambiance feels modern. There are new stages like the casino inspired "Stardust Speedy" and the purple-and-pink Hollywood called "Studiopolos."

Some of the Bosses in the game are renovated and improved.

In addition to the classic giant robots that have a definitive pattern, some new bosses make you guessing and trying. One of the best unique levels is when you play a puzzle called Puyo Puyo to defeat Dr. Robotnik.

The game needs a long way to go to call it successful. But at least it actually made the franchise alive once again.