Retro Bit will soon be releasing their Res Plus console, with the aim of satisfying that insatiable yearning for old school gaming. With the rise of Youtube and gaming channels like Angry Video Game Nerd, the classic consoles have seen an incredible increase in popularity over the last few years. Gamers who grew up playing the Nes, or SNES, suddenly remembered the good old days, where they would spend their afternoons playing 8-bit platformers and other Nintendo classics. This new console is designed to meet that demand.

Res Plus supports HDMI

Although the whole point of is to play games from the NES era, TVs have developed quite a fair amount in the last 20 years.

Honestly, it would be a ridiculous marketing move to not include a modern TV adapter. Unless they planned to include an LCD TV with the $39.99 price tag, making the Res Plus compatible with HDMI was the only way to go. As the games that will be played are not designed for HD TVs, the Res Plus will support up to 720p. It is still a nice upgrade and should smooth out the picture a bit for the classic NES titles.

Still, one has to hope that they do not go too over the top with the modern upgrades, as it might ruin the authenticity of the console. Afterall, your average toaster has enough processing power to emulate NES games, so the Res Plus really needs to look and feel as close to the original as possible.

What about the games, man?

The Res Plus does not include any games, it is not one of those consoles that is preloaded with Super Mario Bros. and Contra. It is designed to let the player insert their own cartridges and to play whatever they want. Retro Bit specialize in preserving classic consoles, so it is safe to assume that it is in good hands.

It also comes with two controllers, that are compatible with a normal NES as well, which is a pretty nice touch.

The thing is that the NES is one of the most replicated products of all time, with a variety of 8-bit consoles available to purchase online. While an original Nintendo console costs an arm and a leg, most of these alternatives can be purchased for even less than $39.99.

They generally do not include an HDMI cable, and their standard is, at best, inconsistent, but Retro Bit will be facing some stiff competition if it wants to survive in this market. In all honesty, the price might be reduced further relatively quickly, depending on the sales figures.

The Res Plus will be available for purchase from the August 10.