Niantic has learned a valuable lesson from its recently held Live Event in Chicago, Illinois last month. The disastrous event left a lot of attendees frustrated as the developer was not able to anticipate the amount of traffic that was going through its "Pokémon Go" servers during that time. As a result, hundreds of players were unable to join in on the legendary raids and other online activities. Now, Niantic has decided to take the safe route as it has postponed several of its planned events in Europe.

Getting their act together

According to a recent post on the official "Pokémon Go" website, Niantic revealed that it will be postponing several of its live events for August.

This includes the planned Aug. 5 events in Copenhagen and Prague as well as the planned Aug. 12 events in Stockholm and Amsterdam. The delays are mostly centered in the European region, which means that Niantic likely wants to bolster its server's capabilities within those areas before holding the live events.

The "Pokémon Go" live events, which the developer calls the "Safari Zones," will be scaled up versions of the event that took place in Chicago. The events will be catering to a larger audience this time around, which likely explains the company's hesitation to hold the events without proper preparation.

Some players were understandably not very happy about the news:

On Schedule

Aside from the aforementioned events in Europe, Niantic has announced that all other planned events from September 16th onward will not be affected.

The live events that have been announced for Germany, Spain, and France will still be taking place within their originally announced dates. The events themselves will be held across the different Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers across the different countries where players will be able to participate in live raids and different activities.

Niantic also revealed that the events that are planned outside of Europe, such as the planned "Safari Zone" event in Japan on Aug. 14, will still be taking place without delay.

Hard lesson learned

For those who are not aware, the "Pokémon Go" event in Chicago had caused Niantic a lot of headaches and likely caused it to lose some loyal players in the process.

Due to technical problems and some connectivity issues, several players were not able to participate in the event's activities at all. Niantic was then forced to refund all of the attendees for their tickets as well as giving all of them a free Legendary Pokémon and $100 worth of store credits. This was apparently not enough for some players who decided to sue the company and demanded that they also pay for their travel costs.