There is plenty of anticipation for CD Projekt RED’s upcoming brand new role-playing video game, “Cyberpunk 2077.” The next triple AAA title from the developer instantly became a much talked about topic amongst gamers after CD Projekt Red released their last successful title, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.”

For the most part, the developer has been keeping details regarding its upcoming new property under close wraps, but a group of hackers apparently wants to change that.

Public announcement

The Polish video game developer recently went on Twitter to post a Public Announcement regarding a recent hack that has occurred within the company.

An individual or a group of hackers have apparently managed to pilfer documents and files that are related to their upcoming new game.

The hackers have demanded that they pay up or risk having the documents leaked to the public. The specific amount that the hackers had demanded was not disclosed in the announcement.

Standing their ground

Despite the threat of a possible leak regarding their unreleased new game, CD Projekt Red has apparently decided not to negotiate with the thieves. The developer revealed that they have already contacted the proper authorities to help them catch and initiate legal action against the perpetrators. Furthermore, the developers explained that the documents that were stolen were old and “largely unrepresentative of the current version” of their upcoming game.

However, the developer still urged fans to just ignore any leaks moving forward if the hackers should decide to follow through with their threats. Fans were also encouraged to simply wait for them to unveil more details regarding “Cyberpunk 2077,” which they will be doing when the time is right.

The latest hacking victim

Aside from CD Projekt Red, there has been a slew of other hacks within the entertainment industry over the past few months.

Earlier in the year, Netflix also fell victim to hackers who had stolen ten episodes of the latest season of “Orange is the New Black.”

When Netflix refused to pay the ransom, the hackers immediately posted the new episodes online. Similarly, Disney’s servers were also allegedly hacked back in May and the thieves were able to steal their new movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales,” ahead of its premiere. Disney refused to pay the ransom, but fortunately, the hackers did not push through with leaking the film online.