Dishes of Leh-Ladakh cuisine are characterized by a peculiar spicy taste. Leh-Ladakh culinary specialists use the most inconceivable ingredients for cooking. Many vegetables are used in combination with meat dishes, requiring a lot of time and efforts, but they are extremely delicious.

Which are the best dishes you should try during Leh Ladakh Tour Packages?

1. Steamed buns (Momo)

It is a traditional delicacy of Leh-Ladakh that can be served in various shapes, with or without filling. Golden dumplings momos are cooked with water and white flour, the dough can be stuffed with vegetables and some pieces of meat.

They can be steamed or deep fried.

2. Steamed and fermented bread, served with a stew (Tigmo)

The flavored stew contains many vegetables; it is sweet, sour and spicy. The bread is soft and fluffy. Break the bread and put it into the stew to enjoy the dish like locals do.

3. Gur Gur Cha or Shrusma Cha (Butter tea)

The tea is not served in restaurants, and locals make it at home with butter, green tea leaves and salt in the morning. It is very fuzzy, has a unique taste, pink color, and makes you feel warm during the day. Leh-Ladakh is the only place in the world where you can taste this special beverage, and it is very good for your health.

4. Cheese (Chhupri)

During your Trip to Ladakh, you will see many yaks.

Can you just imagine that local people make cheese of yak milk, some lime, and other citruses? Although it takes a lot of time to cook it, Chhupri is good as a stuffing, for side dishes, or as a cold drink. The cheese is hard and extremely delicious; moreover, it is considered to be one of the most healthy and nutritious dishes.

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It has different flavors: plain, sweet and salty.

5. A Tibetan noodle soup with meat and boiled vegetables (Thukpa)

It is the Tibetan thick soup which is supposed to provide warmth in winter. Locals mix noodles with various types of meat and vegetables and serve the soup in a hot bowl. It is very popular and can be cooked in different varieties.

6. Cap-shaped noodles stew (Skyu)

It is a traditional everyday dish in Leh-Ladakh. The soft dough is made with wheat flour and cooked with root vegetables, meat, carrots, and potatoes. In villages, people cook O-Skyu - they add milk with water for the sauce.

7. Mixed grain and legume flour pudding (Paba)

It is a very nutritious, healthy and common dish, which is made of wheat and peas. Usually, it is served with Tangtur - buttermilk with regional vegetables. Locals cook this dish to take it to the fields, for lunch during harvest. The flour can include barley or wheat with peas or broad beans. Traditionally, it is cooked in a special stone pot.

8. Brew of fermenting miller and some yeast (Chang)

Chang is the liquid extract from milling. Chhang means a local barley is made into a fermented drink. It has a sour taste and is the most popular drink among travelers choosing Leh Ladakh Tour Packages.