Boxers is a Sports bar chain with a twist; it’s a place where both gay and straight men are made to feel welcome and included as they indulge their interest in sports. Now that the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship games are underway, Boxer's locations (four in New York and one in Philadelphia) are more crowded than ever.

Bars, sports, and RuPaul

Boxers bars are, in many ways, typical sports bars. They have tv screens, pools tables, nachos, chicken wings and beer, but they also put more emphasis on pop music and RuPaul’s popular “Drag Race” television series than the average Sports Bar.

Boxers gained popularity when ladies started visiting with their gay friends. These women then started to bring along their boyfriends, and now Boxers is a place where everyone is welcome.

In many ways, the all-accepted vibe of Boxers is representative of its newest location in the Washington Heights neighborhood which was extremely dangerous only twenty years ago. Today it is on the upswing, as many artists, musicians, and performers are moving in and reinventing it. Amid this landscape of urban mobility, Boxers fits in well. Since it’s groundbreaking opening in the Chelsea neighborhood in 2010, Boxers has become a beloved staple of the community; somewhat off-beat and quirky and perfectly suited for NYC.

Bob Fluet, the owner of Boxers, recently granted an exclusive interview where he discussed the chain and his plans for its future.

Business, staff, and expansion

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you initially get into the bar business?

Bob Fluet (BF): We wanted to create a place where we would want to go to and also make a home for the NYC LGBT sports leagues.

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MM: What prompted you to blend two seemingly different genres: a sports bar with a gay bar?

BF: We love sports, and we are gay, and we wanted to create a relaxed, fun place to blend both genres together.

MM: What do you think makes your chain so appealing to so many people?

BF: Boxers is a very laid-back environment, featuring sexy masculine bartenders and extremely friendly staff.

MM: What can visitors expect from a trip to your bar?

BF: Lots of fun! Great bar, deals and memorable experiences that will have them come back for more!

MM: What sports or events tend to attract the most people?

BF: “RuPaul's Drag Race,” haha! The World Cup, Football/Superbowl, NYCFC Soccer and any big sports games.

MM: Do you plan to expand your Boxers brand in the coming years?

BF: Yes, stay tuned! We’ll be expanding nationwide soon. The sky’s the limit!