National Cheeseburger Day is celebrated every year on September 18th. Cheeseburgers are one of the most delicious and mouth-watering sandwiches that have been enjoyed by Americans since the 1920's.

Different states within the United States celebrate this day in different ways. However, one of the best and most common way to celebrate the invention of the cheeseburger is for local fast-food stores to offer their customers special deals or free burgers on that one day of the year.

Burger chains and diners offering deals today

Based on the popularity and love of cheeseburgers, there is a very good chance that the millions of diners and food chains around the country offered some kind of deal for their participation in National cheeseburger Day.

Fast-food chains like McDonald's and Burger King offered deals on National Cheeseburger Day, so lots of people checked in with their local store. Places like Farmer Boys, a popular chain in California and Nevada, priced their Cheese cheeseburgers at just $1.00 but customers were limited to only one. There were plenty of apps, coupons, and individual burger stores offering specials.

Differences in the way we eat them

Even if most Americans, except vegetarians - of course, share a common love for these sizzling sandwiches, the commonality ends there.

As many millions of people there are in this great land of ours, that is as many variations on how to cook, eat and season these tantalizing sandwiches that there are.

Hamburger with cheese

In its simplest form, a cheeseburger is a hamburger that is topped with cheese.

Depending on if you make your own, or buy them at a fast food restaurant, the cheese will either be processed, or you can add mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese, Swiss, and any combination or variation of any cheese that melts.

Normally, the cheese will be added to the hamburger while the patty is cooking, but just before the beef patty is entirely cooked, allowing the cheese to melt completely.

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Toppings optional

As with other sandwiches, your cheeseburger may, or may not, include toppings. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are the most popular toppings, but that is just the start. Whatever you can think of, you can add to your beef patty.

Community Table Parade wrote that "When German immigrants began arriving in New York and Chicago, many earned a living by opening restaurants.

Menus frequently featured Hamburg steak, an Americanized version of the German offering." Nevertheless, the person who invented the sandwich version is unknown.

The invention has probably become on one of the most diverse meals in the USA as it's all about you, and your taste buds.