July has arrived, bringing with it the sweltering heat of Summer, thunderstorms, swimsuit season, and lots of envy-provoking Snapchat stories of friends and family soaking up the sun at the beach.

Along with summer typically comes shore trips, lounging by the pool, and lots of summer food favorites, whether it be boardwalk fries, pizza, ice cream, or Italian ice.

Many different foods like these come to mind when we hear the word "summer," but- don't those all get old after a while?

Sometimes, our favorite recipes need a fresh twist to make them new and exciting again, and not to mention- crazy delicious!

Here are five spins on common summer food favorites that require few ingredients and little time to make, but taste amazing!

1. S'mores Mug Cookies

This recipe created by Food Dolls and featured by Spoon University is sure to turn classic s'mores into a quick and savory dessert. Just grab some cookie dough, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and your favorite mug, then heat it all in your microwave and enjoy! As always, be careful cooking with raw ingredients like egg and flour, which can harbor foodborne pathogens while uncooked.

2. Watermelon Tequila Shot Kebabs

Watermelon is definitely a favorite among summer fruits. These watermelon tequila shot kebabs are perfect to serve to adults at any birthday or holiday weekend during the summer, and the best part (other than the fact that it's a watermelon filled with tequila, like what else could you ask for in life?) is that you only need 3 ingredients- watermelon, lime, and tequila!

Food Network definitely knew what they were doing with this one. Of course, don't forget the kebab sticks and the salt!

3. Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries

Need I say much more?! This recipe not only satisfies a typical summer craving for boardwalk fries, but it completely amps them up by throwing bacon into the mix. Well played Spoon University.

Well played.

4. Corn and Avocado Salad

Summer is a prime time for good produce, and nearly everyone in America likes a good corn on the cob in July. This healthy summer salad by Well Plated on Facebook features a leafy twist on corn on the cob, mixing several grilled cobs with ingredients like avocado and veggies, and sprinkling it all with a lime juice dressing mixture.

Check out the video for the full list of ingredients.

5. Firecracker Rice Crispy Pops

Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday! These festive rice crispy pops by Tasty and featured by BuzzFeed Food put an American twist on a classic dessert favorite. Take a look at the article for the ingredient list, and enjoy with family and friends while celebrating our freedom on America's birthday!