Summer wines are as intoxicating and varied as summer memories. The wines of summer should be light, somewhat chilly and above all never too serious. You want your Summer Wine to leave you feeling relaxed and breezy.

This year, the summer wine trend focuses on organic, biodynamic and natural. The wine industry found Millennials drink wine on a daily basis. Therefore, the 2017 markets are targeting millennials and their wine choices.

Studies found they will not take the time to read how long a wine has aged, but 51 percent of millennial women prefer sustainably bottled, or organic wines.

People are less willing to spend more than they have to while they’re out these days. So the decline of wine sales won’t come as a shocker in 2017.

Summer Wine Slushies

Summer slushies have been around for a while, but lately, the do-it-yourself (DIY) world has latched onto this fad and isn't letting go. To make your own summer slushy you will need a blended wine, fruit, and ice, then blend that into a refreshing frozen drink. If home-made recipes aren't already everywhere you look, they soon will be.

We know that taking your favorite wine slushy with you when dining out, isn't cool in most places, and now it won't be necessary. Restaurants and local bars, across America, are including them on their menus this summer.

Just imagine enjoying your favorite summer meal while sipping a delicious summer slushy, yum!

Biodynamic and Natural Wines

Produced worldwide, biodynamic wines are certified by Demeter International, a non-profit organization. For a wine to be certified biodynamic it cannot contain synthetic chemicals, or pesticides or herbicides.

And, there can be no sugar, acid, or enzymes added during production. Grapes are grown with care, from the soil to the end product.

Natural wines are grown the same way. The concept of letting the wine make itself is followed when growing grapes the biodynamic way and the natural way. These are becoming the more popular wine choice on the shelf.

Supporting sustainability is quickly becoming a trend that we will be seeing a lot more of in the coming years.

Looking forward

There are many new and exciting wine trends to look forward to this year. Although people are cutting down on their wine consumption at restaurants and bars, there is an increase of wines purchased at liquor stores.

So, if you’re a wine drinker there is every reason to get excited about the latest trends.