The bite of the lone start tick can cause meat allergies in some people. With summer months now in full swing, doctors across the United States are reporting an increased number of cases of Tick Bite related allergies. The symptoms of the allergies arising from these bites are also quite different from other food allergies.

Meat allergies due to lone star tick bite

Doctors stated that in case of allergies to peanuts or some other foods, the effect is seen within seconds of having consumed the food one is allergic to. These allergies usually cause the respiratory tract to swell up and close without anti-histamine medication.

However, in case of the Lone Star Tick bite causing meat allergies, patients suffer from irritable bowels after consumption of the meat and would need to visit the restroom soon after. This would be followed by itching and swelling and in several cases the patients would need to visit the ER to get further treatment.

Mammalian meats contain a specific sugar known as alpha-gal, which is triggering the allergies in the people who are bitten by the lone star tick. The first known cases of meat allergies were noticed almost around a decade or so back by doctors. After careful study and research, the healthcare officials were able to determine the connection between the sudden onsets of the allergy with the bite of the lone star tick.

However, the cases are getting more and more frequent now.

The rising cases of lone star tick bites in the country

Experts believe that the tick bites are increasing as a result of warmer temperatures across the globe. So, once thought to be confined to some parts of the southeastern United States, it has now started spreading to even people who live way up north in Minnesota.

Reports from Kansas indicates that the tick has also moved westward in the same time.

Purvi Parikh, a certified allergist in New York claims that there is a definite rise in the number of cases of the meat allergy due to the bite of the tick. Many cases have also been reported in New York according to her. The symptoms may vary from one individual to the next.

For instance, some may develop the allergies for red meat as well as dairy products, while another individual may not show any external signs of the allergy at all.

Doctors state that there is no form of treatment for the allergy at this point as it is a relatively new form of allergy. However, they assure people that the tick bite does not produce a lifelong allergy toward meats and this condition will pass over time. However, additional bites from the tick can bring it back once again.