5 family friendly horror games

Rare's "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" delivers kid-friendly scares. [Screenshot - YouTube/ Rare Ltd]
Rare's "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" delivers kid-friendly scares. [Screenshot - YouTube/ Rare Ltd]

A list of the spookiest titles that both kids and adults can enjoy on Halloween.

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Sometimes it's hard to find games for children —especially if it's in the horror genre. There's plenty of great games to send shivers down your spine such as "Resident Evil" or "Silent Hill." However, titles such as those are probably not the best choice for younger players. Kids love games and they love being scared, but is it possible to for them to enjoy both?

As a matter of fact, it is. In celebration of Halloween, here are the top 5 horror games that you can enjoy with your kids. To qualify for this list, the title has to be horror themed, feature an ESRB rating lower than Mature, and most importantly, be fun.


'MediEvil' (PlayStation, PSP, PlayStation 4)

After suffering an ignoble death at the first slings of arrows in battle, Sir Daniel Fortesque was falsely hailed as a hero. His arch nemesis Zarok has returned to raise an army of the dead. It's up to the resurrected Sir Dan to stop the evil Zarok and redeem himself so that he may finally join his fallen comrades in the Hall of Heroes.


'Maximo Ghosts to Glory' (PlayStation 2)

Evoking the difficulty and charm of old-school classics such as "Ghosts & Goblins," "Maximo" is a challenging action platformer with plenty of spooky monsters and cartoony humor. King Maximo's wicked adviser has usurped his kingdom and amassed an army of the dead. The Grim Reaper doesn't take too kindly to the raising of mortal souls and gives Maximo the chance to reclaim his throne and save his queen.

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