Old Westbury Gardens is a historic house and grounds in Westbury, Long Island. The house once belonged to the prominent Phipps family and was turned over to New York State in 1958. The grounds and mansion are now a botanic garden and historic manor where members of the public can visit, for a fee, or become members and partake in the many events the grounds hold throughout the year. In the summer of 2018, one of the most popular programs is known as “Picnic Pops” which is a series of outdoor concerts that take place from 6 PM to 9 PM every Wednesday evening.

Music styles, dance, flowers, and mansions

Picnic Pops include music styles for all including nights dedicated to the Beatles, vintage jazz, and even Brazilian dance tunes. People of all ages can attend the event and are welcome to bring food and transportable tables and chairs—but absolutely no barbecue grills. Many concerts even feature dancing lessons prior to the start of the music and, during the concerts, many attendees get up and dance.

The atmosphere of “Picnic Pops” is laid back and relaxed. Guests can either sit and listen to the music or hear it in the background as they explore the lush landscape of Old Westbury Gardens and its beautiful array of flowers, trees, fountains, and walking paths.

Guests are invited to sit on the lush front lawn of the mansion (which faces the transportable stage) and enough taking in the fresh summer air while listening to top-quality musicians. The acoustics are arranged so that even if you are exploring the expansive gardens behind the mansion, you will still be able to hear the music emanating from the concert.

Art, culture, and outdoor concerts

Old Westbury Gardens has become a true haven for art and culture. The mansion is open for guided tours and/or walk-throughs and currently features an exhibition focusing on World War I. Every year, the house hosts grand decorations at Christmas, hayrides in October, and immersive dance sets from The Isadora Duncan Dance Company in the Spring--which is one of the most celebrated dance troupes in the world.

From hosting Greek Mythology-themed dance events or outdoor concerts, Old Westbury Gardens knows how to entertain people of all ages and demographics. Anyone who lives on or near Long Island should Google “Old Westbury Gardens” to see a schedule of programming, prices, and membership options. “Picnic Pops” will only run through August but there is always something fun, exciting, and classy to do at Old Westbury Gardens.