People just don't have a lot of time to read every political analysis. When there's finally a little room to breathe, there just isn't anything interesting. However, for most of us who want to stay in the loop, political podcasts are a must. These podcasts typically last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour or more, making them an easy choice to connect with what's happening without having to go through a ton of news articles. Here are five curious political podcast recommendations you need to stay politically informed, in no particular order.

1. 'The Brilliant Idiots'

The guys behind this show, Charlamagne Tha God, and comedian Andrew Schulz, developed "The Brilliant Idiots" as a way to express their uncensored opinions about current events.

The two met while on the cast of MTV's "Guy Code" in 2012. Since its first episode on YouTube in 2014, "The Brilliant Idiots" have been made available on SoundCloud and on iTunes, where the show receives a five-star rating with reviews commenting on how entertainingly funny the duo is. The political podcast features a recurring “Ask An Idiot” segment and often includes the special appearance of Charmalagne’s dog Wax.

2. 'Call Your Girlfriend'

Among the dudes of political podcasts is the phenomenal "Call Your Girlfriend," an audio channel born out of a "Gossip Girl" viewing party.

Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, now besties, have been maintaining regular long-distance weekly phone calls ever since. With the help of their friend/producer Gina Delvac, these calls were turned into a show that invites everyone to eavesdrop. Now nearing their fourth year on air, "Call Your Girlfriend" discusses a broad array of topics in pop culture, including cooking shows, Thanksgiving, and voter oppression.

Their show includes recurring phone-a-friend and "Ask a Man" episodes that are all accessible from iTunes.

3. The Stranger's 'Blabbermouth'

"Blabbermouth" is a podcast from The Stranger newspaper, hosted by Pulitzer Prize winner, Seattle-based, associate editor, Eli Sanders, and columnist Dan Savage. The podcast discusses current political issues accompanied by a short summary of each episode on the newspaper’s website.

4. 'Women Rule'

This next political podcast is part of the "Women Rule" project initiated by Politico, a publication focusing on politics and policies. Each episode features transformative women discussing workplace issues. The show was started in 2013, accessible on Politico’s website, with subscriptions on Apple Podcasts, Radio Public, Stitcher, Google Play and TuneIn. It’s most recent episode is a discussion with one of Democrat’s donor on how the Democrats deal with allegations of sexual misconducts.

5. 'The Daily'

The last one on our list is a political podcast brought to you by the New York Times. "The Daily" is a 20-minute a day round up of the headlines delivered five days a week. Hosted by reporter Michael Barbaro, the podcast is an entertaining, intimate look at how the news is put together. The episodes can be accessed from the New York Times’s website, Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, and Radio Republic.