As the number four Drink in America, coffee has become a main part of the average American's morning. In 2012, 7.2 billion gallons of coffee were consumed by Americans nationwide. Early in the morning, the main thought running through many people's head is, "Headed to work. I need caffeine." Starbucks chains are on every corner and if that's too pricey for you, there's Dunkin' Donuts or Tim Hortons, where you can get a Cup Of Coffee. So if you feel regretful for the over-sugary drinks you order to stay awake, here are some benefits to help get over the guilt.

Coffee helps large-scale diseases

Having a cup of coffee a day can help prevent multiple types of large-scale diseases that we aren't always afraid of, but happen to more people than we realize, including:

  • Type Two Diabetes
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Liver Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Heart Failure

The main reason coffee helps prevent these, is because coffee is our main source of antioxidants, keeping us healthy.

With over 1000 aroma compounds, these small beans can pack a punch, keeping us healthy. In a medical journal 'Hepatology,' researchers found that another health benefit includes lowering enzyme levels which help with Liver Problems. One reason why high schoolers and college students are drinking as much as three cups of coffee could be to make up for any alcohol intake, which also could improve liver problems in the future.

Everyday coffee advantages

Other than the caffeine keeping people around the world awake as we rush to our busy lives, there are several practical advantages to the sweet nectar of the coffee bean.

  • Smelling coffee can reduce stress
  • Coffee can make you happy
  • There have been recorded lower levels of suicide
  • You can become a better athlete
  • Your brain will stay healthier longer
  • You could become smarter

Tea over coffee?

While there has been some controversy over whether coffee is bad for you, green tea has been suggested as a replacement.

It might have some of the caffeine amounts you need to get you through your day, but coffee has three times the amount, if you are in that slump where you cannot get out of bed. People may argue that there are more benefits from antioxidant levels to lowering risks of health problems, but it all depends on your preference to taste. Tea may be England's favorite drink, but a good cup of coffee can make the world go round. Overall, coffee can greatly benefit your life on a large scale and on a day to day basis. Drink on!