The Autocon convention finally introduced the latest Civic Type R Honda in Los Angeles in March 2017. With a prominent splitter, wing, air-channeling lumps, vents, roof spoiler and three exhaust pipes, it is quite clear that this Car is highly placed on the automotive scale and it is here to fight its more established competitors.

Everyone wants a fair deal when it is time to buy a new car. Here are some tips to help you make your car buying experience less intimidating.

1.Determine your budget

Decide how much you want to spend on your car by factoring in the cost of car insurance as well as the monthly car payment.

Financial experts recommend on allocating no more than 15-20 percent of your monthly budget to car-related expenses.

2.Arrange to finance in advance

Decide on the kind of financing you will use. If you plan to get a lease or a loan, you should plan ahead. This helps you compare the rates offered by your bank and other local banks for the most favorable terms.

3.Know the invoice price

Never walk into a car dealership without this information. The Invoice Price is what a dealer pays the manufacturer. The manufacturer usually suggests a retail price for the car to the dealer that they expect. This means the rest of the money goes to the dealer. Knowing the invoice price upfront helps you get a good deal.

4.Check the manufacturer’s website for rebates

Sometimes buyers receive coupons in the mail that entitle them to additional rebates. Ensure you know whether you qualify for any rebates and that you receive each one. Some dealers are known to withhold such information to keep additional profits.

5.Research on the dealers

Finding a fair dealer saves you many frustrations.

You can conduct an online vetting by checking out websites that post reviews of dealerships. It is also crucial to get quotes from multiple dealers before paying a visit to find the best offer. This also comes in handy during negotiations.According to, they discuss auto retail trends that affect customers.

6.Time your purchasing

The best time to make a purchase is when car sales are slow.According to Economic times magazine, you can reap the harvest of your hard work by buying a new car during Gudi Padva festivals since there are many deals and discounts. Provided you are not too choosy about having the latest car model, many dealers accept lower offers at the following times to reach their goals and qualify for bonuses from manufacturers.

  • At the end of a model year for remaining inventory.
  • During the last week of December when business is slow.
  • During weekdays especially on midweek mornings.

7.Do not make the purchase on the first visit

Use the first visit for a test drive as well as an opportunity to know the dealer. The dealership representatives will try to sway you into making a decision but be adamant.

The above tips will start you off in the right direction to get the best deal on your new car.