A glitch is an unavoidable occurrence in every game. There is no such thing as a perfect system and bugs are always expected to appear. These game glitches are usually abnormal NPC behavior and messed up sprites that create creepy images. Every game has those creepy times, but none can beat the scare that was brought by the earlier Pokemon games. Creative folks even penned a lot of Creepypastas based on these Pokemon glitches. Here are the top five Pokemon game glitches that can make you shiver once they appear. A report by Venture Beat provided a lot of details used in this article about glitches that appeared on the red, blue, and yellow versions of the Pokemon games.

The most common glitches

5. The Glitch City

This glitch happens when the player entered Safari Zone, then tries to leave and selecting the option "no," saving the game and resetting it. When the game boots up again, the player needs to leave the Safari Zone and walk 500 steps more. This will make the game think that the player is still in Safari Zone, which leads the player avatar to be warped into the Glitch City. Glitch City is just what you'll call an 8-bit mess, with buildings and other random "blocks" just appearing on your screen. Fortunately, you can leave this place through Teleport or Fly.

4. Old Man

Pokemon games gave us the liberty to name our character and each Pokemon we caught. However, except for the Pokemon, the player's in-game name could never be replaced again...unless you want to be called "OLD MAN." First, you need to get your GameSharks running to battle any trainer or modify wild Pokemon and then talk to the old man in the Viridian City.

That battle will be finished but lo and behold, your trainer ID will be turned into "OLD MAN". Even your in-game Mom will call you that.

3. Fishing on statues

Once we got the old rod, it is usually tossed in the back of our bags and will be forgotten until the end of the game. Almost nobody uses the fishing rods in Pokemon, especially the old rod.

However, in a very odd situation, once you throw the old rod in any statue, you will begin fishing. You wouldn't want to fancy this as your hobby unless you want to be a Magikarp dealer.

The creepier stuff

2. Glitch Trainers

There are hidden characters or downright glitch characters that aren't supposed to be fought in-game. However, there are known glitches to make them appear.

These characters are called ZZAZZ: A mirror image of your avatar - Jacred. This resembled a messed up QR code, and even Dr. Oak himself and is sporting high-powered Pokemon. Most of these glitches can be done by doing the Ditto glitch.


Missingno is the heart of every Pokemon Creepypastas. It is caused when the modifier for a wild Pokemon encounter falls more than 151. There are only 151 Pokemon in the game, which is why when the game encounters an abnormal Pokemon that carries an identifier more than the value of 151 (or 00), Missingno will haunt you.