There is no question about the popularity of Coffee. It is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. Annually, there are 400 billion cups of coffee consumed every year. But, there is more to the drink than the taste and smell. Coffee is surprisingly very good for your health.

Here are some examples of how beneficial coffee can be to your health.

Your coffee shop could be healthier for you than your gym

Recent research shows drinking three to four cups of coffee a day may extend your life. An observational study was conducted by Dr. Robin Poole, Specialist Registrar in Public Health at the University of Southampton, revealed a lower risk of early death for coffee drinkers compared to non-coffee drinkers..

The risk of death dropped in all categories including heart disease. The optimal amount is three cups, and four cups might add a small additional benefit. Drinking more than four cups of coffee a day does not seem to significantly increase benefits.

The research was published in the British Medical Journal.

Coffee may help you get rid of type 2 diabetes

The magic of three to four cups of coffee extends to people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes. A study, published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Natural Products, revealed a chemical found in coffee is just as effective at increasing cellular uptake of glucose as a prescription diabetic drug.

Scientists wanted to know if cafestol could prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

They did further research with mice and learned that cafestol lowered the risk of mice developing diabetes. They urged further studies so the chemical could be developed into a future drug for diabetics.

Coffee is good for your liver

A study published in the Journal of Hepatology states moderate coffee consumption can help prevent fibrosis in the liver.

Fibrosis is a measure of stiffness in the liver and is a good indication that cirrhosis could develop in the liver.

Scientists found moderate coffee consumption, again three to four cups a day may protect the liver from fibrosis. Liver diseases are the 12th highest cause of death for adults around the world. Since coffee is widely available and cheap, researchers are hopeful the drink could help prevent and even drop the incidence of liver diseases.

Moderate consumption can help prevent colorectal cancer

Scientists at the University of Southern California conducted research on the effects of coffee on colorectal cancer. They found that even moderate consumption, one to two cups a day, can drop the incidence of developing Colorectal Cancer by 26 percent.

Additionally, they learned that increasing the amount of coffee consumed to three to four cups a day is even more beneficial. This included all forms of coffee including decaffeinated, caffeinated, instant, and espresso. Furthermore, they don’t believe it is the caffeine that causes the reduction.

Coffee is good for home gardening

According to Cindy Wise, the coordinator of the compost specialist program at the Lane County office of the Oregon State University Extension Service, used coffee grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen for compost piles.

Used coffee grounds are not acidic and will not ruin the compost. Furthermore, used coffee grounds can also be added directly to the soil as an amendment. The paper filters used in some coffee machines can also be composted.