Are you looking for the perfect holiday gifts for your teenage son? For some reason, many people, even Parents, find it difficult to shop for teen boys, even though what boys want for Christmas hasn't changed much over the years. What's on their wishlist isn't a mystery, but it may surprise. Mama Santa Claus will share her top 14 Christmas gifts for adolescent boys. But first, a caveat...

Age appropriate Christmas gifts

Consider a teen boy's maturity level. You don't want to buy Christmas presents that are too old for them, but you DEFINITELY don't want to give gifts that are too young.

And therein lies the rub — maturity is imprecise in the adolescent male (and really all men, lol). Find out what his interests and hobbies are: sports, cars, electronic gadgets, clubs, music--and let that guide your Christmas shopping.

Band memorabilia

Get band T-shirts and music posters from Hot Topic or Amazon, but find out first what he likes. He won't love Conway Twitty if he's into Insane Clown Posse! Browse clearance racks for DVDs, books and cool old CDs.


A smartphone is a good holiday gift because it's multiuse with Internet, talk and text, check Facebook and Instagram and Reddit (boys adore Reddit), email, GPS and mP3 player. However, boys don't need (shouldn't have) the latest $700 iPhone.

Buy an Android or older iPhone without a contract from Virgin, Metro PCS, Straight Talk or Total Wireless.

Gift cards

Give eBay, Amazon, FYE, Harbor Freight, Walmart, Firehouse Music, Dunham's, Cabela's, or MC Sports gift cards.


Save money on a less-expensive iPod mp3 player and then get an iTunes gift card and earbuds.


Get your son his own TV or DVD players.

Buy inexpensive technology but make sure any electronics are of decent quality.


With obesity rates skyrocketing, kids need less screen time, fewer passive gaming systems like Xbox or Play Station and more Wii type video games which provides exercise.

Car stereo

A car stereo like Blaupunkt makes a super Christmas gift if you're feeling very generous.

BB Gun or fishing pole

Will your son "shoot his eye out" like Ralphie in a "A Christmas Story" if he gets Red Ryder BB gun or Airsoft gun? Probably not, but he will learn gun safety. Better gifts are fishing poles and tackle, however.

Survival gear

Best gifts for teen boys in lower price ranges are pocket knives like Swiss Army with cool gadgets or a flashlight such as MagLite or a military tactical flashlight.

Magazine subscription

Adolescent boys would like a special interest magazine subscription, sheet music or guitar chords.

Sports equipment

Best gifts under $15 are a sled, basketball, soccer ball, yard games, football, hockey stick and puck, tennis racket and balls, or playground ball. Best gifts in higher prices ranges are a scooter, in-line skates, ice skates, skateboard, snowboard, bike, trampoline, or zip line.

Musical instruments

Your son will love you forever if you get him an electric guitar, amplifier and/or FX pedal. He'll also like an acoustic guitar, keyboard, or drum set (if you're super brave). Snag used brass, woodwind or string instruments from eBay. (Buy earplugs for yourself).


Every kid needs tools, whether he has a car or not. Give tools for woodworking projects, repairing electronics, and maintenance. Buy an inexpensive tool bag or get one free with coupon from Harbor Freight: fill with wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, sockets, hammer, tape measure, and small saw.


Best Christmas gifts for your son are books. Give as stocking stuffers or Christmas presents. Books with project kits are even better (think Barnes & Noble).

You might think boys won't like books (boys might think they don't like books). But he will if you find one that interests him. Don't be afraid to shop thrift bookstores. This author gave a friend's son "Markings" (Dag Hammarskjold) and he said he treasured it. Another got "Captains Courageous" and said it inspired him to become a teacher and later a priest.