A few weeks ago, a member of website 4chan wrote a public post which stated that her name is Myziam and she’s from a distant planet called Kuco which orbits the star, Varn. She also described that she’s on ˣᶠᶜ-#0422 planet ( the earth ) right now because her spacecraft is out of fuel and it can travel across galaxies within a few hours.

She added that she’s waiting for her family to pick her up, but till then she would prove her existence by sending the pictures of different coordinates, whichever people demand.

Something weird for the users

It didn’t take too long for 4chan users to notice this weird post and they started to ask questions.

Initially, people asked her some amusing questions as they thought someone must be playing. Some questions read, “Do you like eggs?” and “Post private picture of your family or friends. Also, post a picture of your spacecraft.”

Myziam responded like, “Not know egg, explain egg. No show I family craft.” By this time, people thought of giving her coordinates as she had Promised to send pictures by traveling with her spacecraft.

But before that, another 4chan member asked her how the process of reproduction works on their planet. She responded, “I learn many things. We no s*x. We solo make the life. #0422 life sounds strange.”

She described her planet with, “My home planet Kuco is not peace. Lot war.

Kuconan left Kuco. Kuconan finds a new home. I journey.” By this time, users who were witnessing it started to get tense and asked her how she can write in English and how she know to use 4chan. She answered these questions with, “Leiba (her translation program) not a person, Leiba program. I get 0422 internet. Leiba learn.

Leiba help. Find four chan. Learn four chan. Post four chan.”

As the thread kept expanding

As the thread started to get more and more intense, 4chan users started to send her coordinates as she had promised to visit those coordinates and send pictures. A few users sent some coordinates, but Myziam said that these locations are dark due to night and she can’t see anything in those locations.

Meanwhile, a user sent the coordinates of North Korea and asked her to kill their leader. Myziam responded with, “I no war. Peace good. War bad. No kill. Place dark.”

People sent more coordinates and she posted real pictures of those locations. The pictures were a little blurry but she said that her camera is a bit broken. A curious user tested Myziam’s claims by asking her to post pictures of both sides of the moon. She replied, “Moon travel first. 10 minutes to reach.” She then posted a dark picture just after four minutes. The picture was totally dark but a white curve can be easily seen in the picture.

She again sent a picture in which the moon can be seen easily, but with same blurry quality.

She again sent a half moon picture and said, “Returning to the moon. Going to the first coordinates on the list.” She then sent more pictures of the earth claiming the real and exact coordinates that she was asked to send.

In the end

Another user asked if the earth is flat. She replied, “male think #0422 flat. #0422 round. All planet round.” Ultimately, a user asked Myziam to come to his coordinates and he’ll be waiting. She was to keep the spacecraft as low as possible.

After five minutes, the user posted a picture of the night sky and a triangular spacecraft can be seen clearly. The user writes in the same post, “What the f*** Holy Shi*.”

After few minutes, Alien Myziam responds again saying, “Surprise visit by the team.

I must search for a new Kuco. New system. It good talking to a male. Learned very much. Goodbye. Will return.” And she stops responding but sends a picture of the earth from space. All the pictures Myziam sent looks real as none of them can be found anywhere on the internet.

We don’t know if it’s real or fake. You can read the original 4chan thread at Archive for Plebs Org. Anyway, there’s very high possibility that aliens actually exist. W, humans, are the real proof of this. If life can be harbored here on earth then why is it not possible that life can exist on other planets somewhere out there? Humanity hasn’t reached to the edges of the universe. For us, it’s infinite, especially until we discover the edges of our universe.