Athletes inspire us to bring out the best in ourselves. We see them using their genetic gifts to break records, set new records and make history. Most of us turn to them as a source of daily inspiration. We stalk their daily lives through social media, keeping up with who they are dating, marrying, and latest kids. Then, the least expected shock happens when we realize that these glorified heroes are simply human.

An athlete’s outstanding game performance sadly does not translate to an accomplishment in their personal lives and married life. In reality, they undergo personal drama like the rest of us only that it captures media attention, courtesy of being a sports celebrity.

Athlete's family life

It is no secret that marriage can be difficult. There is a lot more that happens in a divorce than filing the petition. Determining whether spousal support payments are in order, dividing out marital resources and deciding child Custody are among the activities that make divorce a lengthy and even nasty procedure.

When there are Children, child custody and maintenance of the child is a critical step that divorcing or separated parents have to face. The most recurrent question that gets complicated by a number of factors is: “Who will get custody and visitation rights?” This way some athletes end up losing custody of their children to their ex-spouses and some win.

Athletes who lost custody are listed below:

1. Andy Mill

The former ski racer married Chris Evert, a pro tennis player. After 18 years of marriage and three children, Evert was granted custody of the children.

2. Michael Jordan

it has been 17 years since Juanita Vanoy, Michael Jordan's first wife filed for divorce and hired a lawyer seeking custody for their three sons.

Juanita ended up gaining custody of the children.

3. Theodore Edward

The pro basketball star had an 18-month affair with Van de Perre and had a child. Perre sued for custody when her son was three months old and was granted custody.

4. Shaquille O'Neal

Pro Basketballer Shaquille married Shaunie Nelson and they had four children together.

The couple ended their marriage after seven years amid allegations of infidelity. Shaunie was then granted custody of their children by the court.

5. Deion Sanders

Years ago the ex-NFL player made headlines with his divorce from his wife Pilar Sanders. After 14 years of marriage and three kids, the couple split and Deion was granted custody of the kids. However, this year would have a turn of events as Pilar was granted custody of the children instead. Their eldest son, Shilo Sanders hinted at the dysfunctional relationship he had with his dad in an Instagram post.