A stereotype can be defined as a set idea that people have about what someone or something is like, especially a wrong idea. stereotypes are commonly based on race, gender, culture, religion, groups of individuals etc. Stereotyping is bad as it can lead to different sorts of discrimination.

What Common stereotypes do women deal with?

1. Women’s priority in life is to get married

This stereotype stems from the notion that women need a relationship in order to be happy. Women are seen as weak creatures who need men by their side to protect them and keep them safe.

While it is true that many women derive self-esteem from relationships and function best with their partner, it doesn’t mean men don’t feel this way, too. Many young women nowadays want to focus on their career and make a name for themselves in the business world before starting a family. Some don’t want to start a family at all and are happy with their life as it is.

Women have become independent in so many ways, but the society still seems to be a little old-fashioned. Girls who are in their mid-twenties are under pressure to get married and give birth because ‘’the biological clock is ticking.’’ People should refrain from such comments as all individuals have the right to live their life as it suits them.

Besides, many couples these days opt for living together in long-term committed relationships without getting married.

2. Career-driven women don’t care about family

This stereotype is wrong for so many reasons. First of all, one of the common reasons so many young women focus on their careers in their twenties is to be able to provide for their families one day.

This stereotype also includes beliefs that professional women are more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat, less likely to have children etc.

All of this doesn’t necessarily happen only to professional women but it depends on the person. Some say that men actually feel threatened if they lose their role of primary breadwinner so they avoid career-driven women.

This is wrong as many women are able to obtain a work-life balance and juggle multiple roles; there’s more to a stable marriage than career questions.

3. Women are mean to each other

This stereotype focuses on different aspects of life: physical appearance, professional life, private life etc. Women are accused of being jealous of other beautiful or successful women. That is a sweeping generalization, although there are some individual examples of those situations. Oppression of women during the years is the reason many women nowadays are supportive of other women. They know how hard it is to achieve the success of any kind and they mostly feel respect for those women who did it. Jealousy and bullying are a matter of personality, not gender.