We enjoy many things summer brings but makeup meltdown isn't one of them. Some women opt for lighter make up during this season but others don't want to change their routine or looks. We definitely don't feel good if our eyeliner smears, our face melts and our lipstick gets sticky. We can avoid these by following simple steps:

Proper base as the first step

Before applying anything on your face, moisturize it well. It is very important to take care of our skin since makeup, if not done properly, can show to what extent we (don't) pay attention to our skin.

Oil-free moisturizers are recommended by the professionals. If you're not sure about your skin type or what moisturizer would suit you best, you can always visit a dermatologist and get professional advice.


Some women skip this step as they feel moisturizer is enough of a preparation before applying the foundation. Primer, however, is another very important step in preparing your skin for further steps. Primer comes after moisturizer and before face makeup. They give us that light feeling and help hold makeup in place, which is especially important during Hot Weather. They smooth pores, wrinkles and fine lines. There are cream, gel and powder primers so choose the form that suits you best.

Prime your eyelids as well since this will help the eye shadow stay fixed longer.


Heavy bronzers are easy to spot on someone's face during winter because we know the sun can't naturally touch the face like that during that period. In Summer, however, bronzers can be a really good friend and give us that fresh and natural look.

In order to keep it natural, professionals recommend applying bronzer to the areas where the sun naturally hits you; nose, chin,forehead and cheekbones. Try not to overdo it since it can look fake. You can also gently touch your neck and earlobes with some bronzer, especially if your hair is up or you have it short.

Keep it light

During summer, many women opt for various BB and CC cremes and various other products which don't feel too heavy on the face. Also, avoid strong colors, especially during the day because it just looks too much and keep things as light as possible. Choose light, summery colors. Less is more and you will feel better.

Don't shine too much

We love to play with shimmers and highlights but summer itself kind of gives us that so try to achieve healthy-looking radiance but don't overdo it. Also, go easy on the powder blush. Again, less is more.

When it comes to lipsticks, summer may be the perfect season to try all those colors that make you feel bubbly so sky is your limit. Whichever color suits your outfit for the day - go for it. Make your makeup your friend and enjoy the summer.