When talking about our Family And Friends circle, it's a fact that the first one is given to us while we get to choose the later one. people are sociable beings and can't function on their own. A good relationship with family and friends is considered one of the key points to staying healthy. We rarely think about which of the two is more Important but the new study took a look at the difference.

Which is more important?

We would think that we are more dependent while we are young and that we achieve many forms of independence as we age. However, American researchers got to a different conclusion.

VOA News cites a research from Michigan State University that indicates we actually need family and friends more as we age. Discussing the two, they claim friendships are more important than family ties. According to William Chopik, one of the lead researchers in the study, “keeping a few really good friends around can make a world of difference for our health and well-being.".

Study results

The study was based on two different surveys. One focused on general health and happiness of those surveyed, while the other one questioned environmental support in people with some kind of problem. The results from the first group showed that we equally appreciate family and friends when we're living a normal life.

The results from the second group, however, show that, in the case of long-term problems, people find friendships more important. Some of the participants in this group also claimed that unhealthy friendships actually caused chronic conditions.

Choose wisely

Study results may have something to do with the fact that we can actually choose our friends.

With age, we become wiser and walk away from friendships that don't serve, motivate or push us forward. We refuse to put up with people who put us down, who are only there when they need us and who are not true friends. When talking about family, unfortunately not all people were born into good or happy families. Many get traumatized from living with their parents or siblings because of many types of violence or unhappiness.

Therefore, the quote ''Blood is thicker than water'' isn't always necessarily true. Every relationship in our life demands our time, dedication and emotions, we invest ourselves. So, choose to invest your time and effort into people and friendships that actually matter, that can be the sunshine of your life and be there through thick and thin.